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20 Photo Manipulations That Will Blow Your Mind!

Photos can come alive with the some creative imagination…

We all know about how wonderful Photoshop can be, but we’re not talking about the retouching up of Kim Kardashian’s ass here.

Hell no, we are talking about seriously good photomanipulations by some of the best artists out there!

Photos can come alive with the some creative imagination, a little bit of patience and the right computer or tablet. We can transport people into fantastical worlds and envision surreal images because anything is possible.

Check these out.

Painting is Alive – Neskvik
Epiphany – Xetobyte
Fishy Island – Erik Johansson
Devil vs Jesus – Ongchewpeng
Lost Time – Vanleith
Death Eater – MichelleMonique
Snow White – Jeffach
Horsepower – Ralfw666
R A P H A E L – Carlos-Quevedo
Gothic Landscape – Sleax
Eye Candy – Mprox
Oasis City – ChristianGerth
Kiss of Death – MichelleMonique
Abandoned Station – Sandera
Shadow Wolf – Moppaa
Betrayal – Aegis-Illustration
Wonder Woman – Jeffach
A Soul’s Silhouette – Zbush
The Sunken Village – ChristianGerth
Flaming Cat + PSD – PSHoudini


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