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    Famous Superhero Comic Book Covers Recreated Using Balloons

    You can thank Phileas Flash (aka British born performer Rupert Appleyard) for re-creating these amazing balloon art version of famous super comic book covers.

    Flash has been wowing audiences all over the world for over 13 years with his totally amazing balloon art. It’s balloon art taken to the next level!

    Flash says “The great thing about these is that although the balloons are now all popped, the images and memory of them last forever. My plan is to make them into prints and stage an art exhibition as I have done with previous passion projects.”

    You can see more of Flash’s balloon art at: flashballoons.com

    Superman Vs Muhammed Ali

    Batman – The Killing Joke

    Amazing Spider-Man – Vol. 1 #2

    The Fantastic 4 –  Issue 1

    Wonder Woman – Issue 72

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    Famous Brands Redesign Their Logos To Keep Up With Latest Design Trends

    You many have noticed over the last couple of years that some of the big brands have recently changed their logos!

    Logo styles, like a lot of graphic design are similar to fashion trends where they come and go. What seems fresh one year can look dated only a few years down the line. For companies that can afford it and have a huge marketing budget for this kind of thing it’s worth rebranding your business to stay current.

    We have a look at what is currently the latest trend in logos and it seems to be flat design. Lots of companies have moved away from the skeuomorphism design to the more simple and cleaner flat design model.

    Logomaker has created this infographic to provide us with more information.

    You can see more info here.

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    So Annoying! 10 Things That Really Suck Vol. 2

    Welcome to the second volume of ten things that really f**ckin’ suck. 

    These are the things that really annoy us and we wish would go away, but unfortunately we have no control over. We touched on a number of annoying things last year including rich celebrities begging us to give money to charity, reality TV and freemium games.

    In this volume we could have easily included Donald Trump and terrorism because nobody wants those two things, but they were too obvious.

    10. People Who Think the Earth is Flat

    There really is a bunch of brain-dead morons out there in the year 2017 that still think our planet is flat! We aren’t making this shit up either.

    Get this, one disillusioned guy took a spirit level on a plane to demonstrate that the Earth was flat, but didn’t quite grasp the fact that Earth is pretty huge and the fact we have gravity!

    These next three are things that infuriate us about the internet…

    9. Click Bait

    Click bait is one of the most annoying things about the internet.

    You know the ones with titles such as ‘This girl didn’t know what was inside her, until they cut off her pants! Shocking‘. Basically, she was pregnant and she didn’t know! Then there are those infuriating ads you usually see at the bottom of web articles. The ones that show a photo of a celebrity and a random fat person next to each other who just happens to have a very slight resemblance.

    They then have a headline saying You will never believe what Johnny Depp looks like now’. It’s all bullshit and usually leads us to an article spread over multiple pages, which is next up on our list.

    8. Websites that Spread a Small List Article Over Multiple, Multiple Pages Full of Adverts

    You must have seen these pages. They have headlines like the ’10 best toys we had in the 90s’, but instead of placing the small list of 10 toys on one page, they spread it over 10 or more pages to bring us this crappy and badly published post.

    On each page there will be a blurry crap quality image and if you are lucky a small paragraph. They will always be littered with a billion Google Adsense adverts.

    You can guarantee that one of the adverts will feature an arrow and placed right next to the Next Page button just to confuse people to which they should press!

    7. Fake News

    Fake news is definitely one of the 21st centuries biggest problems. If we have learned anything, it is that there are a lot of ‘thick as shit’ people everywhere. People who get so influenced by everything they see on the internet and what they hear on the news. They take it as fact without any evidence. Just because it’s on your Facebook feed it doesn’t make it true.

    It encourages hatred, invokes violence and is proven to swing elections and referendums. It is pure poison and there are websites out there who take pride in all the bullshit they spread.

    The worst cases are where they make up fake missing people in world disasters or terrorist attacks. It’s totally sickening.

    6. Shrinking Products

    By shrinking products we mean food and drink items that seem to go up in price, but also shrink in size too!

    The manufacturers will say it’s because of rising costs, better packaging or new improved ingredients. No, it’s called making as much profit as you can you thieving bastards!

    5. People Who Deny Climate Change

    These people aren’t quite as dumb as the ‘Earth is flat’ morons, but denying climate change when there is confirmed scientific evidence is just plain mental and you all need a slap. No, seriously!

    The scary thing is that some of the people who believe this horse shit are in political power. Cough.., Trump… Cough!

    4. Pharmaceutical Companies Ripping Us Off

    I can go to any supermarket and pick up a pack of painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen for around 25p or I could waste around £3 on some branded painkillers such as Nurofen instead.

    People are so easily fooled by brand products and think just because its branded and it costs 10 times more it must be better and work more effectively, but it’s bollocks! It is a legal requirement that all painkillers, no matter who manufacturers them must contain exactly the same ingredients.It’s apparently up to the manufacturers on pricing, the money-grabbing assholes! Think next time you have a headache!

    3. Bloggers and Vloggers

    In the mid 00s if you said that you were a blogger then people would have been pretty impressed or they would have asked ‘what the hell is a blogger?’ Today, If you say to me that your occupation is a blogger I just want to punch you in the face. Nowadays, everyone seems to be a blogger and it’s always the same shit. Usually middle class assholes who talk about fashion and beauty, food and recipes, their travels or its dickheads playing video games. Thee wankers are sent products go free to try out and give their biased opinion. It’s never-ending, the blogs are everywhere. we are surrounding by egotistical morons who are all after their 15 minutes of fame. What’s worse than a blogger? A vlogger because we have to watch them on YouTube!

    2. People Who Vape

    All I can say on this is… Pick one. You smoke or you don’t, but don’t vape like a c**t!

    I’m not even slagging off smokers, but I hate vapers! You look like a douche bag with your big dopey looking vaping pipe in your mouth. By the way don’t vape in public places either, people don’t actually like stupid stinky vapour blown in their face even if it does smells of blue raspberry!

    We finally managed to banish smokers from public places and got rid of tobacco advertising and tobacco shops off the high street, but now they seem to all be clawing their way back with avengeance with vaping.

    The shops are everywhere. Vaping is supposed to be for people trying to quit smoking. Instead people are just switching to vaping and staying on it for good because they think they can vape in public spaces and at work. The worst thing about this is that kids are just starting on vaping even though they don’t smoke. Vaping is the bane of 2010s. It’s safer than smoking but it’s still not proven that it’s totally safe in the long-term.

    1. Being Proper Broke

    I’ve pretty much been broke all my adult life, I know what it is like to juggle the finances every month and when I say “I’m broke”, I actually mean it, I have no money what so ever. Some people on the other hand really will never understand how it is to struggle.

    When they say they are broke they mean they have no extra money for luxuries like a new sports car or the latest iPhone. There seems to be two standards of having no money.

    Standard one – Being so broke you can’t even afford to eat. Then having to borrow some off a good friend or family member.

    Standard two – Being so broke that you can’t afford to go away for the weekend shopping with your girlfriends.

    And I’m done…

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    27 Awkward Pre-Fame Modelling Photos of Famous Actors

    Believe it or not, many movie and TV actors don’t always start off with acting as their first profession. Oh no, a lot of actors start off in doing various modelling before they get that big break.

    We take a peek back in time and glance into a collection of celebrities and how they looked in a previous life. Think twice before criticising these celebs again, because just think of all those awkward poses and crappy clothing they had to endure to get where they are today!

    Awwww, Sweet Keanu Reeves!

    Angelina Jolie or Mila Kunis?

    Brad Pitt Sporting the ‘Wham!’ Look

    Innocent Looking Cameron Diaz

    Channing Tatum Looking Like a Boy Band Reject

    Mila Kunis Presents… The 90s

    Chris Pratt Going for the Shaggy ’70s Look

    Jennifer Connelly Looking Hip

    I Take Back All The Nasty Things I Said About Robert Pattinson. Look At What He Had To Do!


    A Very ‘90s Looking Tom Hardy

    Glum Looking Lindsey Lohan. Maybe Has Foreseen Her Future Career.

    Looking Good George. Looking Good! Classic 1980s George Clooney.

    The Queen of Kick-Butt Mila Jovovich Before all that Zombie Killing

    Josh Holloway is ‘Lost’ in Fashion Hell!

    Ooh, If Looks Could Kill (Bill) Uma Thurman!

    Woah! Steady There Tom Cruise

    Amanda Seyfried Loved a Good Book Cover

    Ashton Kutcher Found Out His Top Had Shrunk in the Wash!

    Sofía Vergara in a Former Life

    James Marsden Hated Knitted Cardigans

    A Cheeky Looking Kirsten Dunst & Lindsey Lohan

    I Didn’t Know Elijah Wood Was in the Little Rascals!

    Looking Like a Princess – Carrie Fisher

    Jared Leto is not ‘Joker’-ing Around!

    A Sweet Innocent Jennifer Lawrence

    “Hey… Wheres, My, Damn, Shirt, Gone?” Said Christopher Walken

    Gwyneth Paltrow Former Contraceptive Runner

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    Stay Cool This Summer with These 22 Awesome Slush Cocktail Recipes

    What better way to spend the summer than lazing in the sun sipping ice cold refreshing slushie cocktails!

    Grab your sunglasses, relax on that sun lounger and take a look at our drinks menu. Today, we are serving up a delicious selection of refreshing icy slush cocktails. Including various different fruits and flavours all available in a variety of alcohol and virgin versions too.

    Just watch out for that brain freeze!

    Strawberry Peach White Wine Slushie

    Courtesy of The Happy Housie

    Get the Recipe

    Frozen Pink Grapefruit Prosecco Cocktail

    Courtesy of Kitchen Sanctuary

    Get the Recipe

    Rum Slush

    Courtesy of The Kitchen is My Playground

    Get the Recipe

    Bourbon Peach Slush

    Courtesy of Recipe Runner

    Get the Recipe

    Fresh Lemon Vodka Slush Cocktail

    Courtesy of Happy Healthy Motivated

    Get the Recipe

    Cider,Maple & Bourbon Slushy

    Courtesy of Super Golden Bakes

    Get the Recipe

    Pink Lemonade Vodka Slush

    Courtesy of Culinary Hill

    Get the Recipe

    Gin and Tonic Granita

    Courtesy of Delicious Magazine

    Get the Recipe

    Skinny Pina Colada Slush

    Courtesy of Pretty Providence

    Get the Recipe

    Wisconsin Brandy Slush

    Courtesy of Fox Valley Foodie

    Get the Recipe

    Frozen Rosé Wine Slushy

    Courtesy of All Recipes

    Get the Recipe

    Smirnoff Skyball Slushie

    Courtesy of Proper Tasty

    Get the Recipe

    Bailey’s Sunset Slushie

    Courtesy of The Gunny Sack

    Get the Recipe

    Blueberry Kiwi Slushies

    Courtesy of Diethood

    Get the Recipe

    Strawberry Lime Slush

    Courtesy of Gather for Bread

    Get the Recipe

    Raspberry Lemonade Slushies

    Courtesy of cincyshopper

    Get the Recipe

    Virgin Lava Flow Slush

    Courtesy of House of Yumm

    Get the Recipe

    Coca-Cola Slushie

    Courtesy of Frugal Girls

    Get the Recipe

    Pineapple Caribbean Slush

    Courtesy of Wishes n Dishes

    Get the Recipe

    Blood Orange Frozen Negroni

    Courtesy of The Kitchn

    Get the Recipe

    Green Apple Lime Slush

    Courtesy of Ideal Fit

    Get the Recipe

    Blue Raspberry Lemonade Jello Slush

    Courtesy of This Silly Girl’s Life

    Get the Recipe

    Want more cocktails or Popsicles?

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    What the F**k Were They Thinking? 10 Really Awful Music Videos Part 1

    Sometimes people’s vision of a creative music video can result in pure disaster.

    In the past we have featured many great music videos from the 1980s and 1990s, and proved that a music video can make or break a song. See 10 Great 80s Music Videos and 10 Great 90s Music Video, but now let’s flip that around and take a look at some truly awful music videos.

    With terrifically bad CGI, crazy collaborations and super low-budget videos on offer let’s start off with…

    Eiffel 65 – “Blue(Da Ba Dee)”

    CGI in the 90s wasn’t particularly amazing unless you had a massive budget, which Eiffel 65 clearly did not back in 1999. This music video features shockingly bad animated blue aliens who seem to be fighting the band, but then start head banging to their music later on. Let’s hope there is a rogue asteroid on their collision course. It’s a slice of Euro-pop trash and what makes this video worse is the dreadful song writing and voice manipulation of the lead singer.

    David Bowie and Mick Jagger – “Dancing in the Street”

    When two rock legends get together, you’d think this video would be awesome. The video was filmed in the unglamorous surroundings of London’s Docklands with Bowie dress in leopard print, Jagger wearing the most ill-fitting clothes he could find and their dancing skills are atrocious.

    The whole thing looks totally disorganised and at one point you can clearly see Bowie’s expression of “WTF?” when they are singing with their backs to each other! To be honest though the video was for Live Aid and rushed out in just 4 hours and with no budget, so it was a case of getting them together and see what the hell happens!

    Cher – “If I Could Turn Back Time”

    You may like the sight of a middle-aged Cher parading around pretty much naked in front of a bunch of horny sailors and straddling a huge canon, but maybe you won’t!

    It all seems a bit seedy, like watching your mates mum trying her look down the local karaoke club.

    Survivor  – “Eye of the Tiger”

    You’d think for one of the most famous and pumped up movie themes of all time would have an epic music video to accompany it, but sadly this is not the case. It doesn’t even feature any Rocky clips at all!

    It just shows the band all meeting up and marching to some band practice and it’s very cheap. In one of the scenes they walk through a warehouse full of bathtubs. Woah! That’s some pure rock ‘n’ roll shit right there! For most of the video they end up playing inside a golden rubbish bag literally sweating to death.

    Shanks & Bigfoot – “Sweet Like Chocolate”

    Stop getting CGI wrong! You’d think that by 1999 people could get CGI right by now, but this is shockingly bad. Is it worse than Blue (Da Ba Dee)? Yes. It’s almost like the band didn’t want anything to do with the video whatsoever and just told the record label to put any old shit out no matter how irrelevant it is.

    Jan Terri – “Losing You”

    When her music video gets unwillingly uploaded to YouTube with the title ‘Worst music video ever”, poor old Jan Terri didn’t even stand a chance!

    The video is jerky, the singing is dreadful and at times the video isn’t even focussing on Jan Terri, but I can’t blame the camera-person! It looks more like a home video than a music video. You can clearly see the whole budget for the video was probably spent on hiring that damn limousine.

    Vanilla Ice – “Ice Ice Baby”

    This music video almost feels like a parody of a proper rap video! Good old Vanilla tries his best to look like he’s street, but comes off as a total douche bag! You don’t usually see rappers dance like that in music videos.

    At one point he looks like he’s dancing with a bunch of waiters on their lunch break. We shouldn’t ask “where did it all go wrong for Vanilla?” We should be asking “when did it ever go right for Vanilla?” Word to your mother – You’re shit!

    Billy Squier – “Rock Me Tonite”

    Billy Squier has an amazing ability to actually pinpoint the end of his music career. It was this video and he is the first to admit it. It’s so painful to watch that you may want to skip to the next video real quick.

    Billy – “Because We Want To”

    We are not sure what is going on in this video, but Billy seems to arrive in an alien ship and infect people with her dance virus even a billboard and a dustbin! The CGI is also very, very ropey.

    Also in the video Billy explains to us why teenagers act like dicks and are so f**kin’ annoying, and apparently it’s because ‘they want to!’

    Eddie Murphy and Michael Jackson – “Whatzupwitu”

    Why did this collaboration even happen? Eddie Murphy must have had some serious shit on Michael Jackson to blackmail him into featuring on this song! There’s so many things wrong with this. The name of the song for a start. The special effects of a fake sky with peace symbols and music notes are some of the worst ever. The song is pretty shit. Eddie Murphy’s vest and then the schoolboys makes for some cringworthy shit.

    Rebecca Black – “Friday”

    What is there to like about the video? It seems that nowadays anyone can become famous instantly all because of social media. Shit special effects, underage school kids driving in a car and lots and lots of sugar! It’s the audio equivalent to waterboarding because this video is pure torture!

    Why not check out some good videos?


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    Artist Illustrates the Evolution of Famous Actors and Their Most Famous Roles Over the Years

    Take a look at these amazing series of illustrations showing the evolution of famous actors and their most famous roles and how they have changed over time.

    They are all the creation of LA-based artist Jeff Victor who has previously worked and designed characters for Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros and Nickelodeon.

    Jeff says “Currently, I’m working as a children’s book illustrator, but when I’m not drawing for work, I’m drawing for fun. I am a huge movie fanatic and expresses my love for my favorite movies though my art, by drawing “adorkable” renditions of famous characters.”

    You can see more of Jeff Victor’s awesome work at: jeffvictor.blogspot.com | Facebook

    Jim Carrey

    Robin Williams

    Johnny Depp

    Samuel L. Jackson

    Robery Downey Jnr.

    Liam Neeson

    Tom Hardy

    Princess Leia

    Tim Curry

    John Hurt

    Angelina Jolie

    Bill Murray

    Michael Jackson


    Charlize Theron

    Christopher Lee

    Gary Oldman

    Harrison Ford


    Nicholas Cage

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Dracula in Movies

    Tom Hanks

    Harley Quinn

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    What If Our Favourite Video Games Characters Were Cars?

    Video games are one of the biggest industries right now and even exceeding the film industry. Games franchises like Grand Theft Auto and Gran Turismo make more money than Hollywood blockbusters.

    What would our favourite classic video game characters be like if they were cars? Take a look at these amazing renders by the nice folk at Carwow. Featuring a collection of our favourite game characters such Mario who becomes a BAC Mono and Sonic the Hedgehog as a Honda Civic Type R.

    You can see more: Carwow.co.uk

    Sonic – Honda Civic Type R

    Pac-Man – VW Beetle

    Mario – BAC Mono

    The Legend of Zelda – Mini

    Lara Croft – Range Rover Evoque Convertible

    Tetris – Volvo 240

    Donkey Kong – Toyota Land Cruiser

    Space Invaders – Smart ForTwo

    Wipeout – Nissan Deltawing

    Gordon Freeman, Half-Life – Audi Q2

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    27 Really Awkward Celebrity Fan Encounters

    They say that you should never meet your celebrity idols in person because you may be disappointed, well now we have photographic proof to back this up.

    Take a look at these 27 rather awkward and really awful celebrity fan encounters. With photos of celebs being caught off guard, celebs being bothered while they are out and about minding their own business and celebs meeting their over obssessed fans. It’s tough being a celeb, but I bet the pay’s great!

    Either Nic Cage has been caught off guard by the flash or he’s just seen a flashback of his former film career!

    Hungry Tom Hanks – “Is he gonna finish that”

    That awkward moment Britney Spears realises how she’s dressed standing next to an obsessed fan

    Lady Gaga thinking “FFS this is the 145th time today I just can’t be arsed any more!”

    Kim Kardashian realising this is one photo of herself she can’t photo manipulate!

    Little fan not too impressed with meeting legend Bill Murray!

    Fan was totally appalled at Cheryl Tweedy’s dress for the night

    Elijah Wood feels so awkward in this photo you can literally hear him screaming inside!

    Guy paid $400 and this is the closest he could get to Avril Lavigne!

    It’s hard to see which one is more excited, but the guy on the left looks pure manic to meet Mark Hamill!

    Christopher Reeves thinking “Gee, I’ve never seen that before, douche bag!”

    Leo DiCaprio getting pranked

    Poor old Hugh Grant just wants to go home after his long flight

    Either this fan cannot believe that she is meeting her idol or she just has no clue who Alexander Skarsgård is!

    This photo revealed Robin Thicke’s roaming hands and lost him his wife in the process!

    What’s with all the lip stains on that paper?

    David Grohl trolls a fan

    I’m not sure if this lady is happy or sad to have her personal space invaded by Anjelina Jolie

    Alfonso Robeiro finally realises how annoying the ‘Carlton Dance’ is!

    Norman Reedus wasn’t too impressed to be stopped at the airport, although Michael Rooker seems happy enough

    Katy Perry always sticks with the ‘at arms length’ rule

    That face says it all, Jack Nicholson doesn’t like this ‘Joker’ of a fan. But who did play him better?

    Rihanna’s facial expression literally screams “Get me the f**k out of here!”

    Guy showing photo of Keanu Reeves “Hey, homeless guy take a look, you look like Keanu Reeves”. Homeless looking guy “I am Keanu Reeves!”

    Another celeb caught off guard. This time with Gerard Butler. Either that or he’s been on the booze all night!

    I’m not sure who is more scared! Iggy Pop or those kids!

    Argggh! All I can say is poor, poor Luke Perry!

    “If you see me in person, please leave me be.” Tom Hanks

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    The 10 Best Fight Scenes in Star Wars

    Have you ever sat back and wondered what were the greatest ever fight scenes in the whole of the Star Wars saga?

    The guys at Morphsuits have compiled  a list of 10 of the best fight scenes that have featured in the franchise so far based on inventiveness, choreography, the emotional impact and special effects

    We cannot wait for Episode VIII – The Last Jedi and hopefully this will bring with it a whole new set of classic fight scenes.

    Source – morphsuits.co.uk

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    Why Rocky IV is the Best 1980s Movie You Will Ever See

    I love Stallone and the Rocky movies, except Rocky V and now I come to think of it I wasn’t that keen on Rocky Balboa and don’t even talk about Creed. So, basically I like Rocky 1 – 4. 

    My favourite in the series is Rocky IV. It’s probably the most stupid out of all the films and it is literally full to the brim with montage after montage. You can criticise this movie all you want, but it’s pure 1980s nonsense at its best that I can keep going back to again and again and I love it.

    What’s It About?

    Made in 1985, Rocky IV is a US sports drama film, which is written, directed, and starring Sylvester Stallone. In the film, the Soviet Union and their top boxer make an entrance into professional boxing with their best athlete Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) who initially wants to take on World champion Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) Rocky’s best friend Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) decides to fight him instead, but is fatally beaten in the ring. Enraged by this, Rocky decides to fight Drago in the Soviet Union to avenge his friend and defend the honour of his country.

    The Exploding Gloves

    At the start of the movie we are treated to the small recap of what happened at the end of Rocky III with Survivor’s familiar theme “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background. Whilst this is happening we are cutting back and forth to American and Soviet boxing gloves that eventually slam into each other and explode. Woah!

    That Robot

    Yes, I did just say ‘robot?’ in a film about boxing? Yes, no lie! What birthday present do you give your ungrateful, slob of a brother-in-law who has no friends and who is going to bankrupt you by the beginning of Rocky V? No, not a gift card for a euthanasia clinic or an uppercut to the face, but a giant 1980s house robot. “Happy Birthday Paulie”.

    This amazing high-tech robot is the ultimate companion for a lonely guy. It can bring you beer and cake and wish you happy birthday. But don’t ask it to go upstairs because it’s really going to struggle with those wheels and let’s just hope it doesn’t have a vacuum function, you know what I mean!

    Ivan Drago

    We don’t need to tell you why Drago is so cool, He’s got many nicknames aka the ‘Death from Above’ aka ‘The Siberian Express’. He’s a man mountain, almost robotic in his manner and he’s so freakin’ hard he’s got the same music as Unicron the Planet Destroyer from Transformers: The Animated Movie. He only says about three lines in the whole film and those include “You will lose”, “If he dies, he dies” and “I must break you!” He’s a stone-cold soviet fighting machine!

    James Brown & Apollo

    Apollo is one hell of a cocky bastard and his ring entrance is a sight to behold. Featuring the ‘Godfather of Soul’ James Brown bellowing out a rendition of  “Living in America”, and Apollo dancing along all clad in Uncle Sam outfit complete with top hat. It’s a great scene in the film and really gets us in the mood for what may happen next and has inspired the entrances of real-life boxers and wrestlers ever since.

    It might be the reason as to why Apollo gets slaughtered here because that entrance is enough to tired out any fit and able person. We can’t help but notice though that it’s just another way of showing the world how ‘up their own ass’ the USA really is, with that good old “‘Merica, Fuck Yeah!” attitude.

    Apollo’s Death

    We love Apollo, but we can’t help but notice that something bad is going to happen when he agrees to fight Drago so early in the film. With his ring entrance enough to make anyone want to punch his lights out, Drago doesn’t hold back on and shows no remorse when he’s dying at the end of the fight. Rocky waits at ringside sporting his Hugo Boss track suit for all to see fighting with his loyalty to Apollo who demanded that Rocky must not stop the fight under any circumstances. Either that or Rocky had a bet on for Drago to win by technical knock out!

    The Ultimate Car Montage

    Okay, so we are now three montages in and this one comes in after Apollo’s untimely death, Rocky decides to fight Drago without even telling his wife Adrian. So, when he gets home he is in the shit house because she is mighty pissed. They have an argument because Adrian fears for Rocky’s life and she screams at him “you can’t win”.

    Rocky then decides to go for a drive in his Lamborghini and reminisce about his feuds and eventual friendship with Apollo over the years to the soundtrack of “No Easy Way Out” by Robert Tepper. It’s one of the best montages of all time.

    It’s a Revenge Story

    So, basically we have learned it’s a revenge story and also it’s the old David versus Goliath scenario. Rocky is so pissed off he even agrees to fight in an unsanctioned fight in the Soviet Union for 15 rounds and on Christmas Day. That pay-per-view price is going to be pretty sky-high for the viewers back home.

    They Train in the Soviet Union

    Yes, another montage…. Not only is the fight in the USSR , but Rocky also requests they train in Krasnogorsk, Russia too, although he must have requested to train in a stereo-typical 1930s Russia. A place where it’s cold as f**k, and always snowing. People dress like peasants and live in wooden shack and ride a horse and cart. The best thing about this place is when Paulie falls in the snow.

    Training Montage One

    Our fifth montage in the film. We’ve only just arrived in Russia and Rocky is already getting down to the first training montage in the movie and he decides to go back to basics.

    Instead of thinking I need all the help I can get with state of the art training facilities back in the USA, Rocky instead wants to train like technology doesn’t even exist. He does this by chopping wood, cutting down trees and lugging boulders about. While we also take a look at how Drago is training and he’s using all kind of technology and steroid enhancements, the commie bastard!  The montage ends with Adrian turning up to support her husband.

    Training Montage Two

    This is my favourite part in the film and the last montage has only just finished, but Stallone is more prepared this time around and he’s grown a kick-ass beard.

    Remember it’s gonna take a lot of training to defeat a guy who would eventually go on to play He-Man, so we are treated to more training, which really is pretty much the same as before, but throw in exercise featuring Rocky pushing up a horse cart full of his family and friends this time.

    By now Rocky is so pumped up he manages to outrun that pesky Russian officials car and climbs a huge mountain. Eventually when Rocky arrives at the top of the he shouts “Drago… Drago”, but I don’t think he’s listening! All this is happening to a wonderful score of “Heart’s on Fire” by John Cafferty & Beaver Brown.

    The Final Fight

    We finally reach the final boxing match and we’re kind of thinking how are they going to cram 15-rounds into the last 20 minutes? Another montage of course! Apparently to make the fighting scenes between Rocky and Drago seem authentic the two actors are really hitting each other and unfortunately for Stallone he ended up in A & E after taking too many punches from Lundgren. That’s commitment for you.

    The home crowd are all baiting for Rocky’s blood, but eventually they swing and start cheering him on, which in reality would be bullshit! In case you missed it, is that supposed to be Gorbachev cheering on Drago?

    Overall, I’s All About the Cold War

    After Rocky has humiliated and defeated Drago we are gifted with Rocky’s “If I can change, and you can change … everybody can change!” speech, which ultimately ends the Cold War and the world is at peace again! The American flag is brought out again to shove in our faces, because “USA, USA USA!”

    We are then treated to another black and white montage on the end credits re-showing photos from scenes of the film just in case we’d already forgot what the hell had just gone on!

    Final words…

    Kapow! This film is a total knockout.

    • Who doesn’t love a montage?
    • Great cast, who cares about the dumb plot anyway?
    • Killer soundtrack.
    • It’s the 80s, so it rocks!
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    Get Powered Up With These 28 Amazing Super Mario Tattoos

    It’s no surprise that people love Mario. He’s been around for a few decades now and been the main star in so many classic video game adventures, cartoons and even a Hollywood movie!

    Todays generation of grown up playing Mario and Nintendo video games all their lives and it’s no wonder people want to celebrate their fondness for this super Italian plumber and his friends and there is no better way than with a Mario inspired tattoo.

    Here is a collection of Mario tattoos. Enjoy!

    Super Mario, Yoshi & Goomba

    Source | Report

    Super Mario & Yoshi

    Source | Report

    Awesome Mario Scene

    Source | Report

    The Bad Guys of Mario

    Source | Report

    Mario Power Ups Tattoo

    Source | Report

    Mario Meets Jurassic Park

    Source | Report

    Watercolour Mario

    Source | Report

    Classic 8-Bit Mario

    Source | Report

    King Boo

    Source | Report

    Fire Mario vs Big Boo

    Source | Report

    Two Brothers Get Mario Brothers Tattoos

    Source | Report

    Partners Get Joining Tattoo

    Source | Report

    Super Mario Planets

    Source | Report


    Source | Report


    Source | Report

    Piranha Plant

    Source | Report

    Mario, Luigi and Bowser

    Source | Report

    Classic 8-Bit Raccoon Mario

    Source | Report

    Invincibility Star

    Source | Report

    Raccoon Mario

    Source | Report

    Classic 1-UP

    Source | Report

    Whispering Boo Tiny Tattoo

    Source | Report

    Mario Kart Yoshi

    Source | Report


    Source | Report

    Luigi, Toad and Yoshi

    Source | Report


    Source | Report

    Mario Bros 2

    Source | Report

    Introspective Mario

    Source | Report

    Fallout Vs Piranha Plant

    Source | Report
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    12 Road Signs We May Need in the Future

    With all the advancements in technology in automobiles and smartphones we are now confronted with a whole new set of problems on the road.

    These problems may call for a whole new set of road signs designed for the future. Take for example road signs that warn us about no sat nav zone. Signs that warn us of driverless cars on the road. Signs telling us to beware of mad cyclists using Strava and watch out for pedestrians who are not paying attention because they are on their smart-phones!

    Here are 12 road signs we may need for the 21st century!

    H/T: Auto Insurance Center

    No Google or Apple Maps Zone

    Beware Pedestrians Texting

    Warning – No Electric Charge Point for 500 Miles

    Caution – Road Rage Drivers Between the Hours 8am – 10am

    Warning – Driverless Car Zone

    Warning – Confusing Badly Designed Road Ahead

    Be Careful of Very Distracted Drivers

    Beware of Cyclists From all Directions

    Beware of Vehicles From all Directions

    Tourists Keep to the Left

    Warning  – Fitness Fanatics peak time from 6-7 a.m. and 6-8 p.m

    and finally…

    Take a Deep Breath

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    What Famous Pop Culture Icons Business Cards May Look Like

    So what kind of business cards would some of our beloved pop culture icons have if they had business cards? Those creative people over at SmartSign have the answer.

    This great collection of fictional business card includes designs for some of our favourite movie and TV stars from shows like The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon and Game of Thrones DaenerysTargaryen.

    Even Darth Vader needs to market himself, right? Let’s take a look.

    H/T – SmartSign

    Jack Sparrow – Pirates of the Caribbean

    Stewie Griffin – Family Guy

    Groot – Guardians of the Galaxy

    Wade Wilson – Deadpool

    Daenerys Targaryen – Game of Thrones

    Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead

    Forrest Gump – Forrest Gump

    Henry Walton Jones, Jr. – Indiana Jones

    Beatrix Michelle Kiddo – Kill BIll

    Barry Allen – The Flash

    Lightning McQueen – Cars

    The Stig – Top Gear

    Darth Vader – Star Wars

    Catelyn Stark – Game of Thrones

    Tina Belcher – Bob’s Burgers

    Dwight Shrute – The Office

    Jane Ives – Stranger Things

    Leslie Knope – Parks and Recreation



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    20 Hilarious Product Labels That Will Put a Smile on Your Face

    Some people might not even notice that their clothes labels may contain hidden Easter eggs!

    Next time you wash your clothes or forget to take your phone to the toilet then why not check out that label on the toilet bleach and you may notice some very funny small print!

    Here’s a collection of a mixture of 20 funny product labels and clothing tags. It’s good to know that companies have a sense of humour.

    Sing Like Nobody is Listening!

    Source | Report

    Don’t Slap Pandas!

    Source | Report

    This Product Was Tested on Animals…

    Source | Report

    The Hoody That Comes With Life Instructions

    Source | Report

    Sound Advice

    Source | Report

    This Should Literally Be Every Soup Cooking Instructions

    Source | Report

    When You Have Forgotten Your Smartphone

    Source | Report

    Yeah, Please Don’t Be That Guy!

    Source | Report

    How to Put on a Pair of Underpants

    Source | Report

    I Loved that Pet Iguana…

    Source | Report

    Very Vague Chopstick Instructions

    Source | Report

    Very Honest Towel Dispenser Instructions

    Source | Report



    There’s Always Time for Nachos!

    Source | Report

    Sarky Instructions

    Source | Report

    I’m Glad You Cleared That Up

    Source | Report

    Advice We Should All Follow


    Very Easy To Understand Washing Instructions

    Source | Report

    Confusing As F**k Medicine Instructions

    Source | Report

    Good Advice If You Have a Pet Mogwai

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    Photographer uses iPhone to Create Photos of the Simpsons in Real-Life Situations

    Here at Joyenergizer we thought that we were obsessed with the Simpsons, but this artist has gone to another level!

    Photographer François Dourlen is a rather creative person and can associate everyday objects that he sees in his surroundings and reinterpret them into Simpsons cartoon characters.

    Take for example a daffodil flower can be Bart Simpsons hair and a palm tree is perfect for Sideshow Bob’s crazy hairdo. All the photos are captured on Dourlen’s iPhone while he is out and about.

    Doulan also does many other famous cartoon characters and not just the Simpsons, such as Disney, Looney Tunes, Spongebob and Donald Trump!

    You can see more at: francoisdourlen.com and Instagram.

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    Designer Creates Amazing Wall Art Featuring Iconic Movie Cars

    If you love your movie cars then you will definitely want one of these on your wall.

    These incredible metal posters were created by Eden Design and are available to purchase on Displate who specialize in manufacturing the posters from a variety of very talented artists from all over the world.

    They include a selection of legendary cars from a famous movies and TV shows such as James Bond’s DB5, Toretto’s Charger, Steve McQueen’s Mustang 390 GT Fastback and who could ever forget the DeLorean DMC-12?

    All of these prints are made from gallery quality giclée on a thick 17.7” / 12.6” metal plate. Each is print verified by the Production Master complete with a signature and hologram, which is added to the back of each print for added authenticity & collectors value. All the metal prints come with a free magnetic mounting system and all the prints cost £34 each.

    So, what’s your favourite car from the movies?

    DeLorean DMC-12


    Last Ford Falcon V8 Interceptor


    Dodge Charger General Lee


    Dodge Charger R/T


    Aston Martin DB5


    Eleanor Shelby Mustang GT500


    Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am


    Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am


    Ford Thunderbird


    Ford Mustang 390 GT Fastback


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    Fantasy Cosplay Photography That Will Blow Your Mind

    This is some of the best cosplay we have ever seen.

    This incredible collection of fantasy and sci-fi inspired cosplay photography was created by the all-round talent that is Kristy-Che, a photographer, digital artist and model whi is based in Russia.

    You can see more at:  DeviantArt, VK.com and Facebook.

    © Kristy-Che
    © Kristy-Che
    © Kristy-Che
    © Kristy-Che
    © Kristy-Che
    © Kristy-Che
    © Kristy-Che
    © Kristy-Che
    © Kristy-Che
    © Kristy-Che
    © Kristy-Che
    © Kristy-Che
    © Kristy-Che
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    You’ll Believe Magic Does Exist with These Fantastic Unicorn Milkshakes

    Pack your bags and come with me because we are going on a magical journey to a place far, far away.

    A wonderful place filled with rainbows, colourful bright skies, mystical unicorns and lots and lots of sugar.

    That’s right we have arrived at a the milkshake parlour of our dreams. How about a magical unicorn milkshake? Filled with scoops of different flavoured ice creams, milk and finished off with food colours, cream, rainbow sprinkles, fizzy belts, marshmallows and various other colourful and tasty delights.

    You’ll be tasting the rainbow with these unicorn milkshakes.

    Source | Report

    The ultimate “unicorn shake”! When you are craving a shake or sweets check out @caked_la they got it all! Thanks for having me and @mrmhz

    A post shared by Fσσd | Swєєts| Trєαts | Fun (@deliciousnessdaily) on

    Unicorns and milkshakes, what more do you need?😊🌈 #cakedla

    A post shared by Caked La (@caked_la) on

    ✨🦄🌈 Unicorn milkshake 🌈🦄✨ |📍@cremeandsugaroc

    A post shared by B l a n c a (@cupofbee) on

    Source | Report

    NYC get a grip. This milkshake craze has got to end already. #icecream #EEEEEATS 📸: @hungryhippie_

    A post shared by 🍦Ice Cream (@icecream) on

    Taste the rainbow with some Rainbow Crush! 🌈🌈🌈 #cakedla

    A post shared by Caked La (@caked_la) on

    Source | Report

    🦄Unicorn Milkshakes #yummy #unicornmilkshake #dessert #cakedla #unicorn #gomezfamilyadventures2017

    A post shared by 🌸xoxojomelle🌸 (@xoxojomelle) on

    Dirt Monster #dirtmonster #cakedla #chinohills #milkshake #unicornmilkshake #unicorn

    A post shared by Tiny Bubblez (@xxtinybubblezxx) on

    Monday calls for Unicorn Shakes and Cakes! 😍🌈 #cakedla

    A post shared by Caked La (@caked_la) on

    Unicorn Shakes!🦄🌈 off our secret menu! #milkshake #epicfood #foodporn #unicorn #ocfoodies

    A post shared by Creme & Sugar (@cremeandsugaroc) on

    Source | Report

    How about Unicorn Cakes?

    25 Magical Unicorn Cakes

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    The 10 Asshole Cyclists You Will Meet That Ruins It For the Rest of Cyclists

    We like cycling at Joyenergizer with at least two staff who ride on a regular basis.

    We can’t help but notice there are a lot of jerks on the road though! We aren’t just talking about bad drivers here, but other cyclists.

    These are the type of cyclists that give other cyclists a bad name.

    The Cyclists with the Headcam

    There is nothing wrong with an action camera attached to you or your bike whilst cycling because it’s a great way of not only recording journeys, but protecting yourself against shitty bad drivers that are on the road. I’m talking about the jerks who go out of their way to pick a fight with motorists and then wonder why they get a smack in the face. They are all over YouTube. If you want to do something about bad drivers join the police force!

    The Full Kit Wankers

    Look how aerodynamic I am! These guys are the ones who wear the full Tour de France or Team Sky kit every time they go out on the bike. It doesn’t matter that their beer belly is bulging out of the jersey they want us to think they are a pro in training.

    The Cyclists That Run Red Lights

    These scumbags are the number one reason that motorists have a beef about cyclists. The dickheads that run red lights like they don’t mean anything to them. Red lights mean stop to every vehicle on the road you t**t and you are justing giving motorists more fodder for hating us even more!

    The Strava Asshole

    I stopped using Strava a long time ago because it’s full of assholes. These are the ones that are riding like a lunatic on our roads and not giving a damn about other cyclists. Ooooh, look I’m ‘King of the Mountain’. Unless you’re a pro it’s hard nowadays to keep high up on a popular routes leaderboard. When you do finally manage to get a decent time on a segment some prick beats it within a few hours because they can’t stand losing. The main reason I stopped using it was because I finally managed to get top on a segment I rode daily and some asshole got my time blocked because they said I was cheating. Strava without any evidence deleted my time and then reinstated theirs. I’ve never used the app again and it can kiss my shiny saddle riding ass!

    The Cyclists That Ride on Pavements

    It’s dangerous as f**k to other pedestrians enough said. If you hit a pedestrian whilst cycling on a non-cycle path you’d instantly be in the wrong even if it wasn’t your faulty. But sometimes you still get moaned at for riding on the road too with the odd motorist shouting “get on the cycle path”. There is actually no obligation to ride on a cycle path over a road though so they can f**k right off!

    Electric BIkes

    These are an abomination. Enough said!

    The Cyclists That Don’t Wear Helmets

    You see it all the time. A cyclist with a £1000 mountain bike, branded cycle top, pads and shorts, but they still don’t wear a helmet. I know a guy who works in construction who cycles to work without a helmet, but puts a hard hat on when he gets to work. Madness! See previous post on why it’s important to wear a helmet.

    The Knackered Bike Cyclists

    There is nothing worse than seeing a sorry-looking bike whiz past you. The ones that squeal past because they need the chain lubing and the brakes checking. They usually have semi-flat tyres and the seat too low and they are usually a £100 supermarket full suspension monstrosity in silver and purple.

    The Fairweather Cyclists

    These are the guys who are always talking about how they are a cyclist to everyone. They’ve paid a fortune for a road bike or mountain bike, but they’d be lucky if they use it more than ten times that year. When they actually do get out on the bike because the weather is nice then do they let everyone know by posting their ride stats on social media.

    People on Quirky Bikes

    I’m talking about those shitty lie-down recumbent bikes or weird one-gear hipster town bikes that come in bright colours and complete with a flower holder. Stop it now!

    No Lights

    Like the helmet, bike lights were invented for a reason. It keeps you safe and motorists can see you on the road. If you are a tight bastard then you only have to look in Poundland or Amazon they literally cost f**k all nowadays!

    Fat Tyres

    I could understand if people road these bikes on the dirt or sand, but I always see them in urban environments and they look absolutely ridiculous!

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    38 Funny Pub Signs To Get You Through the Door

    How do you get punters to visit your establishment?

    Have a look at the creative efforts made by these Landlords with their hilarious pub signs that should easily entice you through their doors for a quick beverage or two.

    It works for me. Cheers! I’ll have a pint of Stella what you having?

    You Don’t Win Friends With Salad!

    Stay Focused on the Sign

    When Life Gives You Lemons…

    When Your Hiding From the Wife

    Sounds Delicious

    Who the Hell Reviews a Bacardi ‘n’ Coke?

    Tssch! Double Standards!

    Yay, Beer!

    When Vodka Becomes Your Wing Man

    No Hipsters!

    Sounds Like a Great Offer

    Better Not Take the Risk!

    Great Statistics

    For the Jilted

    My Favourite

    Meet People the Old Fashioned Way

    Drink in Moderation

    Poetry Can Be Hard

    The Guide to ‘Should I Have Another Drink?’

    See, Beer is Good For Your Health!

    Shit-Faced Mondays Have Been Cancelled

    Choices, Choices!

    Very True

    Be a Pirate

    I’ll Drink to That!

    An Offer To Good To Refuse

    The Forecast Doesn’t Look Good

    Read the Small Print…

    … And Again

    The Bucket List

    How Will They Know

    Stay in School…. er… You Underage Drinkers!

    The Old Ones Are Still the Best!

    I’ll Never Drink Again… Yeah Right!

    I Hate Mondays

    So, That’s What it Stands For!

    This Sign Sounds Like some 1970’s Sitcom!

    The Husband Creche

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    See the Beautiful and Dark Concept Art for Alien: Covenant

    We’ve been waiting eagerly for this film for a while, but we finally got the long-awaited sequel to Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’, which is also the Prequel to classic sci-fi horror ‘Alien’.

    With the release of the book – The Art and Making of Alien: Covenant we thought we’d showcase a selection of some of the amazing concept art that inspired the look of the film by three awesome concept artists who were lucky enough to work on the sci-fi blockbuster.

    The three artists in question are concept artists EV Shiphard, Wayne Haag and creature designer Carlos Huante.

    You can check out more concept for the movie in the book, The Art and Making of Alien: Covenant.

    To see more of each artists work see here:

    EV Shiphard | Wayne Haag | Carlos Huante

    Carlos Huante
    Wayne Haag
    EV Shiphard
    EV Shiphard
    EV Shiphard
    Carlos Huante
    Wayne Haag
    Wayne Haag
    EV Shiphard
    EV Shiphard
    Carlos Huante
    Wayne Haag
    Carlos Huante
    Wayne Haag
    EV Shiphard
    Wayne Haag
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    Artist John Holcroft Shows Us Exactly What’s Wrong With Today’s Society

    What’s wrong with today’s society you ask?

    Do you really need to ask? We all know that there is so much wrong with society today and none more so than Artist John Holcroft who has provided us with these satirical and creative vintage styled illustrations. The images touch on a number of subjects including our addiction and dependency to social media and technology, greedy corporations, taxes and health and obesity.

    You can see more at: johnholcroft.com | Behance and Facebook.

    © John Holcroft
    © John Holcroft
    © John Holcroft
    © John Holcroft
    © John Holcroft
    © John Holcroft
    © John Holcroft
    © John Holcroft
    © John Holcroft
    © John Holcroft
    © John Holcroft
    © John Holcroft
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    38 WTF Wedding Photography Fails

    A wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You can plan for months and even years for that dream event.

    With all that time and effort that’s gone into planning your big day you will want it to go as smooth as possible, but there are so many things that can go wrong!

    Here are 38 wedding photo fails that include a selection of inappropriate dresses, badly timed photos, weird photo concepts and crazy photobombs.

    Well We Did Ask for Melon Balls at the Reception

    Little Boy Finds Out Where Babies Come From

    Mr Llama Was Too Late to Stop the Marriage to His True Love

    The Dumped Bridesmaid Gets Her Revenge

    What a Proud Dad He Must Be!

    John Was Not Ashamed to Show His Love and Commitment to Debbie the Centaur

    That’s Not What We Had in Mind by ‘Wedding Ring’

    “Dad, Get Off My Dress, You Son of a Bitch!”

    The Inappropriate Horny Couple

    Well, the Photographer Did Want to Capture Every Moment

    There’s Always One Dickhead at the Wedding!

    Wedding Limousine Hillbilly Style

    Like We Said the Photographer Wants to Capture Everything

    The Ugly Sisters Turned Up To See Cinderella Get Hitched

    There’s Nothing Worse Than Somebody Overshadowing Your Big Day, Literally!

    Never Turn Your Back on a Wedding Photographer

    Remember… ‘Capture Every Moment’

    Wedding Photos Eastern European Style

    They’ve Just Gotten the Bill for The Wedding

    When Your Photos Get Photobombed by an Asshole Dressed as a Chicken!

    Till Death Do Us Part!

    At Least Somebody is Ready For the Wedding Night

    Mrs Thumb Remarried After Tom’s Untimely Death

    Miss Hover Very Proud to Be Getting Married

    The Curious Page-boy

    Stay Classy!

    Oh F**k!

    When Things Don’t Go To Plan

    Photobombed by the C-Jumping Speedo Man!

    When Your Giant Holographic Futureselves Gatecrash Your Own Wedding

    Bridesmaid Just Couldn’t Wait for the Wedding Buffet

    Laura Lamp Was Very Happy To Be Asked to Be a Bridesmaid

    Just What You Need a Bride Smelling of Sausage!

    When You Are Too Skint To Afford Wedding Clothes, Just Make Do!

    Gloria the Tallest Woman in the World Was Sadly Jilted at the Aisle

    Well, When It Comes to the Wedding Night I’m Sure There Isn’t Much More That You Haven’t Seen

    Shauna Was Still Pining for the Carpenter That Got Away

    A Wedding Reception of Style. Your Local Fast Food Restaurant.

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    Why Van Damme’s ‘Hard Target’ is a Cheesy, But Great Movie

    After our recent post of the 10 Greatest Mullets in Pop Culture it made me feel all nostalgic for the Van-Damme/John Woo collaboration ‘Hard Target.’

    I was thrilled to see it was on TV the other night so I decided to give the movie another go. I hadn’t seen the film for quite a while and was very surprised at how 90’s this film is. That is not necessarily a bad thing!

    The first thing you notice in the film is obviously Van-Damme’s mullet and the fact that he is wearing all denim too. If you have seen the Coors Light commercials that feature Van-Damme then you will instantly recognise the character he is parodying.

    What’s the film about?

    Chance Boudreaux (Jean-Claude Van Damme), plays a sailor who is skilled in martial arts (obviously). He is employed to guard Natasha Binder (Yancy Butler) while she is trying to track down her father, an itinerant Vietnam veteran living in New Orleans named Douglas (Chuck Pfarrer). They soon uncover a sinister group of wealthy men who like to hunt homeless people for sport, paying them $10,000 if they can survive a crosstown journey to the river. When Chance discovers that Natasha’s father was one of their victims, he decides to destroy the asshole hunters Van Damme style, yeah! The screenplay was actually written by Chuck Pfarrer, who also stars in the film and is based on the 1932 film adaptation of Richard Connell’s 1924 short story “The Most Dangerous Game”.

    Who’s in it?

    The film was directed by John Woo who is known for his slow-motion action sequences made famous in Chinese action movies Hard Boiled and A Better Tomorrow. Hard Target was Woo’s first American film and was also the first major Hollywood film made by a Chinese director. The film Also stars ‘Aliens’ star Lance Henrikson, Yancy ‘Drop Zone’ Butler, Arnold ‘The Mummy’ Vosloo and Wilfred Brimley from the Cocoon movies.

    Here is a list of things I noted about this movie…

    The Slow-Motion

    I don’t know if it is just me, but the action scenes start to get annoying after a while because they go into slow-motion repeat all the time. These scenes may have looked great back in the 90s with this style of action scene peaking with The Matrix, but now it looks really dated. They probably also add 5 minutes to the films overall running time too!

    The Mullet

    Okay, I know the movie is set in 1993 in the deep south, but come on!

    The Natasha and Her Dad

    Natasha (Yancy Butler) decided to go visit her dad out of the blue after 20 years of not seeing him and just happens to turn up a day after he was murdered. This is the father who had just lost his job, but was so desperate after just a couple of weeks that he decided to play the human hunting game with a bunch of rich gun-toting assholes, rather than find another job!

    Lack of Police or Authority

    There only seems to be one cop in the whole of New Orleans and even she can’t be arsed to investigate at the start. When she does get her ass in gear she gets shot and killed straight away.

    Pik Van Cleef

    Pik Van Cleef (Arnold Vosloo) brings a bit of cool to the role and is actually the standout character in the film. He’s pretty sadistic and cold-hearted, especially when he’s cutting off people’s ear lobes. His reaction when he sticks that rifle in that car and blows Randall Poe’s head off is brutal. But that South African accent starts to grate after a while and sound like somebody trying to speak British backwards and then playing it forward. I can see why he doesn’t speak much if at all in The Mummy films!

    Crime Scene

    Boudreaux seems to just be able to walk straight into the crime scene where Binder’s body was burned and happens to find the most valuable piece of evidence there is, which the inept police seemed to have not found at all.

    Bike Scene

    This is one of the best scenes in the movie. It has to be seen to be believed, but Van Damme rides straight at an SUV packed with gun-toting bad guys, stands straight up on the seat like he’s surfing and then jumps over the vehicle when it hits his bike. He lands, rolls over and then shoots back at the SUV and it blows up. It’s pure OTT bollocks, but it makes me smile.

    Going back to the Lack of Police again, this scene goes on for miles and miles throughout New Orleans without any more police presence. Even after they have killed a cop earlier in broad daylight.

    Uncle Douvee and his Moonshine

    Douvee (Wilfred Brimley) is Boudreaux’s uncle who happens to live way out in the bayou. When we first see Douvee he is outside in the open making moonshine. Yes, making moonshine outside in the open for everybody to see, he really must give zero f**ks!

    The Snake Scene

    In this scene Boudreaux knocks-out a rattle snake by punching it in the face. Yes, he punches a Goddamn snake out. He then sets up the snake as some kind of clever hunting trap, which actually works perfectly!

    $750,000 a Go

    After all the chaos and carnage they have caused in the city you’d think that Fouchon (Lance Henrikson) and his men would want to get the hell out of there. Instead like the relentless safari hunter from Jumanji, he decides to have one final hunt with Boudreaux as the target. Fouchon sets the price at $750,000 a head to hunt and kill Boudreaux, but the hunters appear to be a bunch of slack-jawed yokels. Where the hell do they get that kind of money from to waste on a hunt?

    Inept Henchmen

    Throughout the film Fouchon is always shouting and moaning at his inept henchmen. In one of the scenes he trips one up and then throws him because he is so pissed off at their incapability to kill Boudreaux.

    Even though the henchmen besides Pik are shit at their jobs, one of them does utter the memorable line of “Tell your girlfriend to point her tits north and get the hell out-of-town”. It’s like something straight out of Shakespeare!

    That Guys Shirt

    Holy F**k where did he get that shirt from? TK Maxx?

    Helicopter Scene

    Pik Van Cleef is riding in the bad guy company helicopter when he is chasing Boudreaux who’s now on horseback. For some reason Van Cleef and the other henchmen cannot shoot for shit, but Boudreaux manages to shoot them successfully on horseback with a shotgun!

    Petrol Can Bike Scene

    While we arrive at the Mardi Gras graveyard, one of Fouchon’s motorbike morons gets distracted by a pigeon shitting on his head. We then pan down to Boudreaux who quotes the words “Hey Pigeon”, kicks a petrol can into the air towards the biker and shoots it with his shot-gun, which blows the guy and his bike smashing through the windows!

    The Pigeon

    There is a scene where there’s a pigeon on Boudreaux’s shoulder, it’s just so random!

    Face Wobble

    There’s a memorable scene where Boudreaux kicks a guy in the head and we see in slow motion his fat little face wobble.

    Are Fouchon and Van Cleef lovers?

    We will never know!

    Fouchon’s Gun

    Fouchon carries around some small barreled antique rifle, which he seems to rest on his non-dominant arm whenever he fires it looking like a total douchebag in the process. Just fire the Goddamn gun!

    When Fouchon Gets Shot

    When Boudreaux finally shoots Fouchon with his shotgun he literally flies backwards at huge force and should be really quite dead, but instead seems to get straight back up and run off.

    Burning Wood

    Holding a piece of wood that is in engulfed in flames usually equals a lot of pain, but for some reason Boudreaux doesn’t feel anything, but does a really great over the head round house kick to smash it.

    Forgets How To Punch

    In this scene Fouchon literally forgets how is arms work and thumbles around while Boudreaux is holding him.

    The Grenade

    Boudreaux throws the grenade he acquired from Van Cleef earlier down Fouchon’s trousers, and then headbutts him away. Fouchon then grabs the grenade out and for some reason tries to dismantle it instead of just throwing it away. He obviously gets blown up and it’s game over!

    Final word…

    A double-thumbs up!

    • It’s cheesy and over the top, but in a good way!
    • Van Damme’s martial arts skills never fail to impress.
    • It’s got Van Damme with a pigeon on his shoulder!
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    We are watching you Evil stepmother!

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    Lothlenan has captured the style of each painting perfectly using a variety of different techniques both digital and traditional.

    You can find see more Lothlenan amazing work on Tumblr.