Ikea Fails and Funnies

A look at the funniest the internet has to offer thanks to this Swedish furniture giant.

Ikea Is A Culture Not A Product

Ikea is definitely a good idea. It gives the consumer an opportunity to buy furniture in a cheap and efficient way, but only if they are willing to build it themselves! It is a business model which has made owner Ingvar Kamprad a lot of money.

Ikea is hugely popular but because of its wide use it has become part of the mainstream and is owner of the flat pack furniture culture. So ingrained is Ikea on western society many people know the pain of the weird names, complicated builds and confusing manual cartoons. This has made a glorious space on the internet dedicated to Ikea funnies which many can relate to. For instance…


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An alternative motto for Ikea!

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A graph on the usual experience people have with the furniture.

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What is the internet without a cat meme?

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Bet your glad Ikea don’t make cars.

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A classic Ikea fail for novices.

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Ikea have a sense of humour themselves.

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How many will leave Ikea

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At least you can pass the time laughing at the name.

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I am sure Kanye can afford better than Ikea,

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