The Sexy Pin-Up Art of Felipe Kimio

Art has never looked so seductive!

These were all illustrated by Brazilian pin-up artist and illustrator Felipe Kimio

Felipe currently works for Top Free Games and has a passion for the female beauty and collectibles!

Felipe says “I’m an eternal student of art and the female figure beauty. Whenever I can, I always aim for self-improvement of my perception and craft. Nowadays most of my digital artwork revolves around pin-ups, it’s simply one of my main passions in life. occasionally I like to model with oil based plasteline for study purposes.”

You can see more of Felipe’s work here – Artstation I Facebook | Instagram

Pin-Up Girl

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Playboy Femlin

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Lois Lane Pin-up

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Lollipop Girl

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Lifeguard Girl Doodle

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Laundry Day

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Quinn of Diamonds

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Blondie Playmate

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Night Snack

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Wonder Woman

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