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Feelgood Ltd is part of Joyenergizer Media.

Joyenergizer has been sharing lots of articles about art, pop culture, society, movies, music and good wholesome stories to brighten up your day.

Jodie Shaw

Feelgood Ltd – Creative Director

With all the doom and gloom about in the world in the current environment, we said enough is enough and decided that we’d make a website dedicated to only good wholesome news to give you a big smile on your face and prove that the world is a good place after all. Not only that but we have multi avenues of support if you are feeling down, upset or maybe going through a hard time at the moment and need some help, advice and support.

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We are a small team based in Telford, England, We ARE NOT propped up with millions of dollars in funding.


A small self-funded independent media company, which is dedicated to sharing inspiring stories from around the world


We publish posts on a wide variety of subjects such as art, design, humour, food recipes, movies, music and pop culture.