Life in the Big City – 27 Photos of City Life

A place that never sleeps.

Some people like the tranquillity and peace of the countryside, where other people like the hustle and bustle of the city.

The city, home to thousands and even millions of people. The high rises and the skyscrapers. The neon lights and the sound of traffic. Full of shops and great restaurants. A place that never sleeps. It’s a place where people go to find their fortune. A place to follow your dreams and a place sadly, where dreams are ended.

You may think there is no beauty to see in a overcrowded concrete jungle, but you only have to witness a stunning sunset creeping through all those tall buildings and it’s a true sight to behold.

Here are 27 photos of life in the big city…

Times Square Rush – Billysphoto
Muratakan – 477
Winter in Vienna XXX – Michel-Riva
The Challenge – Alierturk
Railway Station – Jericho1405
Colourful Life – Davinsky
Speedy Lights – Tung-Sama
They Met in Rainy London – Pajunen
Tunnel View Manhattan – Tomoji-ized
Lights in Tokyo’s Night – Rikitza
Berlin Dome – INVIV0
La Pandilla – BlueOrph
A Whole New World – Gnohz
III – Kimerjam
Magical Munich XIX – Michela-Riva
Paris: Next Stop Wonderland – Svensson
New York in the Morning – Torsten-Hufsky
Amsterdam in Pink – INVIV0
Youth – Miguel-Santos
Tokyo in the Red – Hirolu
Street in the Puddle II – Sulde
Exotic Palermo – Rikitza
Lu Jia Zui – 4j4j4j
New York Miniature – Ultraphil
Woman with Umbrella – Pajunan
The Coldness of Surrender – Denkyo
Golden Hour at the Station – Sudlice
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