The Enchantment of Winter Photography

What is better than being out in the snow?

When you live in the countryside you really get to appreciate the changing seasons.

The colourful spring time, the sunny and green summer, the beautiful autumn and the the glistening snow on the landscape in the winter.

I’m a big kid at heart and get excited when it snows. The experience of being out in the snow is great. Making snowmen and the crunching underfoot with each new step in as I squelch down with my boots. It always seems so peaceful as it falls. If you have ever been out in the snow in the very early morning when it is still dark under the dim lit street it is enchanting.

What is better than being out in the snow, I think it’s probably being back in doors next to a warm fire and a hot cup of hot chocolate with cream and and chocolate sprinkles as I continue to watch the snow from the window.

Here’s a gallery I compiled titled ‘The enchantment of winter photography’. I really hope you enjoy it!

Written by Becky

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