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*** UPDATE ***

The Joyenergizer Project has now finished. Due to the ever-rising costs of living and the relentless attempts at extortion and scams regarding bogus copyright claims, we’ve decided to call it a day.

Joyenergizer was a non-profit site for mental health causes and all we wanted to do was brighten up people’s days…

We hope you’re happy now whoever you are!

What we were

Joyenergizer – a small self-funded and non-profit independent media site that campaigns for numerous mental health charities and organisations. We are dedicated to sharing inspiring and interesting stories and images with like-minded people all over the world.

What we did

We published posts on a wide variety of subjects such as art, design, humour, food, movies, music and pop culture.

Who we was

We are a small team based in Telford, England, and no, we aren’t propped up with millions of dollars in funding. We rely on people like yourself to spread the word, help us share our posts and also write our posts too.

What we aren’t and never was

Okay…. Just a few things. We aren’t owned and funded by a multi-million dollar publishing company like sites such as Buzzfeed. In fact, any money made was given to good causes. We don’t write posts with stupid titles such as “20 things white people say” to trigger a reaction. When we write about a particular subject we do our research and we pride ourselves on the #NoNextPage policy, so you won’t be clicking on a 20-page article filled with adverts and pop-ups!

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