25 Famous Logos with Hidden Messages

Wow! That’s clever!

We are bombarded with logos everyday wherever we go. There on the products we use on a day-to-day basis.

They are on packaging, on our TV screens, the magazines we reads and on the billboards we drive past.

Some of them are etched on our brains forever. Think of McDonald’s ‘golden arches’ and Windows logo. Obviously it’s all done intentionally by the big brands and corporations, because they want their logo shoved in our face as much as they can. But they also go a step further and hide subliminal messages in their logos.

Some are so clever and well-hidden that you would never had noticed. however today we have a list of 25 well-hidden messages hidden in famous logos.

Le Tour de France

Can you see the cleverly hidden bike, cyclist and the reference to the leader’s yellow jersey?

Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

A very clever use of negative space wouldn’t you agree? Can you see the gorilla and lion?


First of all you can see a cheeky grin, but notice that the arrow goes from a- z!


At first glance you think it’s a lower case ‘b’, but then you notice it’s a round head wearing headphones.


This clever logo symbolises two people shaking hands and is known as the “stylized picture”.


Notice the ‘G’ and ‘i’ which look like they’ve been cut with a razor maybe?


The ‘B’ at closer inspection becomes a pair of sunglasses.

Kölner Zoo

Another clever zoo log, this time the negative space on the elephant show a rhino and a giraffe and also a cathedral.


The lines above the logo symbolise the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco where the tech company was founded.


If you excuse my language for a second, but the letter “tit” depicts two people sharing a bowl of salsa.

London Symphony Orchestra

I really like this clever logo. The initials “LSO” look like a conductor.

Yoga Australia

The negative space between the yoga instructors leg and arm is the shape of Australia.


This is one you’ve probably already seen before. There is a hidden dancing bear in the mountain, which is the symbol for the Swiss town of Bern (The City of the Bears) where the chocolate was originally made.

Spartan Golf Club

Now this is clever. The swinging golfer also becomes a Spartan soldier wearing a helmet.


This is another of those logos you probably already know about. But if you don’t the negative space between the ‘E’ and ‘x’ is an arrow.

Eighty 20

If you know anything about binary codes then you can see the binary pattern above the text displays 1010000 and 0010100, which is eighty and twenty.

Galeries Lafayette

Look closer. Can you see the Eiffel Tower formed by the two ‘t’s?

Big Ten Conference

Big Ten faced a dilemma a while back when they expended to be 11 colleges, and so incorporated ’11’ into their logo.


A cute smiley face is actually hidden in the ‘g’,


Maybe not so hidden, but can you see the Chicken in the ‘C’.

Museum of London

The Museum of London’s logo show the ever expanding city since it’s founding.


Nobody knows why there is a hidden Danish flag in the logo for Coke and it worked well when selling the sweet drink in Europe advertising campaigns.

Hershey’s Kisses

This one is not easy to notice, but can you see the Hershey’s Kiss in between the ‘K’ and ‘I’.

The Guild of Food Writers

Nice one. A cleverly placed spoon in the pens nib.

And finally Pinterest

Of course the ‘P’ would symbolise a pin!

Written by Danni

Hello my name is Danielle. Owner and previous Editor of That Looks Fab! and Hard-Up Mum. I am an artist and love all things art and design related.

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