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34 Really Awful 80s Video Game Box Art

Maybe it was because everyone was on cocaine back then!

The 1980s was a pretty good decade for a lot of things. It had great music, awesome movies and TV, mental fashion and some great video games and don’t let any millennial tell you otherwise!

Like most of the creative industries back then the designers and artists had to up their game in the rise of the digital age. None more so than the video games industry, where the 8-bit graphics of that era wasn’t so clear, so design agencies had to guess what that the hell was going on in all those pixels!

Although there were so many great games back then, which are still considered classics today, it can’t always be said for the game art that adorned some of those boxes.

Another instalment In our ‘Really Awful‘ series, we take a look at 34 Really Awful 80s Video Game Box Art designs.

Mario was rocking the Burt Reynolds look back then!

Don’t mess with the guys as they are ‘Bad Dudes’

This poster just screams of the 80’s!

Whoever did this artwork for Pac-Man wants punching!

There is nothing more scary than a ninja on a scooter. Good price though at £1.99!

Guy timewarps from 1940s to 1980s and kicks stereotypical 80s thugs asses, maybe!

Gee, this looks like a good game!

Is it me or does Bayou Billy look about 60?

It looks like she is straining to take a shit too!

Cockin’… WTF?

Stop getting Mario wrong!

Yes, this was actually a game. Yes, it’s goddamn awful!

That’s no f**kin’ way to ride a skateboard!

Is that Wolf from Gladiators?

Thrilling, a game of checkers you can play on your computer

Now, If you divert your attention away from that nice ladies bikini you’ll appreciate this used to be a fine game!

Yeah, like totally!

The artist taking the name of the game too literally, check out that pilot!


The most boring looking game ever?!

These guys just look like are on a drunken rampage

Is this game about basketball or 1980s man-love?

Max Headroom holding the biggest Magnum in the world

The Wii Fit 80s style

It’s nice to see U2’s Bono in his own video game!

Never has a game been more unappealing!

Shit, just shit!

Dolph Lundgren playing Ax Battler in the 80s movie version of Golden Axe!

Mega-Man looks like he’s off to see the wizard for a heart, or in this case a hand!

X-Man looks like the worse game ever concieved!

Capcom what were you thinking?

Is this guy cross-eyed?

Always with the shades 1980s, always with the shades!

And the winner for worst video game art goes to….

Written by Jay

A caffeine-based life form with a love of the 80s and pop culture.


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  1. treasure master’s cover is peak bodaciousness, i’ll have you know
    you journerlists just aren’t tubular enough to get it

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