40 Funny AF Memes to Piss Off Those Crazy Flat-Earthers

This is why the aliens don’t visit us!

If ever there was evidence that mankind was actually getting dumber and devolving then you only have to look at recent events and realise it’s probably true – Trump getting into the White House, anti-vaccinators and flat-earthers!

Even with centuries of overwhelming scientific proof those crazy-assed flat earthers are out spreading their flat earth mis-beliefs like crazy cult leaders aka The Flat Earth Society. A recent study showed that people aged between 18-24 (4%) are more likely to be sucked into believing this bullshit because know-all Millennials apparently must question everything!

Here is a collection of funny memes you can show to troll any flat-earthers you may know and tell them to wake the f**k up!

Written by Jake

Nando's Ambassador and resident blogger for Opinion Machine & Digital Art Mix


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