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When it comes to meeting people for business, your business card can serve as the final piece to creating your first impression. And why is it so important to get it right? Because…

Whoever says that business cards have become obsolete clearly doesn’t meet many people for business and I can bet that he has never been to a networking event. Sure you could send people emails and exchange numbers but yet nothing matches the formal convenience of good old business card. And if you don’t understand the impact that a good business card can have watch this scene from ‘The American Psycho’

Yes, corporate executives don’t fight like attention hungry teenagers on social media about the quality of print on their cards any more. But a creatively designed professional card can be the deciding factor on whether it ever gets used or just finds a place in someone’s card box never to be looked at ever again.

That said, everyone isn’t creative enough to come up with unique ideas to design their own cards. I certainly am not. Which is why we have brought you 10 unique and elegant, professional business cards that you can customise and download immediately. And what’s even better is these templates are absolutely free and you don’t need any technical or design skills to customise them with you text, brand colors, images, illustrations etc.

So you can just choose any of these templates that you like, make changes online and get your perfect business card within minutes. So without any further delay, here are the cards.

1. Minimal and Automotive Business Card Template

Ultra Simple, minimal design with all the necessary details and a superb color-scheme. Perfect for anyone in the automotive industry whops looking for a simple professional design rather that a lot of razzle and dazzle.

Edit and download this template here.

2. Vintage Motorbike Remodeling Shop Card Template

This illustration on the card just says it all. If vintage, automotive and re-modelling are the words that describe your business, this is the card for you.

Edit and download this template here.

3. Elegant Babysitting Business Card Template

Just a look at this card will tell you that if a mom sees this business card with you, you are gonna be the babysitter. Just the elegance of this card is amazingly heart warming and leaves a lasting positive impression. And thats what is going to get you those babysitting gig

Edit and download this template here.

4. Minimal Bakery Business Card Template

In this whole list this is my favorite business card.I just love the way the whole design is laid out. Best part is, just change the cupcake illustration on the front side and you can use this card for any type of business. All you gotta do is change the colors given and apply your theme color. All this can be done online within minutes.

Edit and download this template here.

5. Stylish Bakery Business Card Template

Of all the templates I have seen online this is my favorite bakery business cards I have seen online, this is my personal favorite because of the way the background and icons are laid out. It looks like a shapey biscuit that has been laid out and garnished and then there’s text written on top of it with cream. Yum!! Makes me almost wanna devour the card. Just kidding.

Edit and download this template here.

6. Simple Construction Business Card Template With Illustration

The choice of colors and simplicity of this card speaks for itself. Just add your Logo, details and you are good to go.

Edit and download this template here.

7. Simple One-Sided Builder Card Template

Ever heard of a thing called NO-BS business card? Well here’s an example.

Want if for yourself? All you have to do is click the button below, add your details and hit download. That’s it.

Edit and download this template here.

8. Minimal DJ Business Card Template

If you are a DJ and you’d have nothing but simplicity reflected on your card, here’s your choice. Pre-made for you.

Edit and download this template here.

9. Fitness Club 14-Day Membership Card

Simple card with logo, details and 14 boxes to check for the 14 days membership of any fitness club. If this description fits your business, you don’t need any further thinking.

Edit and download this template here.

10. Minimal NO-BS Fitness Trainer Business Card

If you are a fitness trainer looking for no-bs business card, here’s your answer.

Edit and download this template here.

The site that provides these cards is called MakeBizCards. That’s an online tool where anyone can go and design their perfect business card without any technical/design skills or any hassles. They gave us 150+ cards to choose from for this article and we could not have possibly featured all of them. But they have a wide range of offerings across many categories that you can check out here.

If you still have a specific request, do mention it in the comments and I will definitely consider it when I update the article.


Written by Rahul Agarwal

Columnist @Entrepreneur, @YourStoryCo and more #MisfitMarketer Superfreak #ContentLove | Open to growth hacking discussions at any time. Literally!!

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