Sci-Fi Showcase – 20 Mind-Blowing Examples in Digital Art

Let’s take a glance into the future…

Time for a bit of escapism. let’s explore a world full of spaceships, cyborgs and exciting new frontiers.

Let’s take a glance into the future with another mind-blowing feature about sci-fi digital art. Featuring 20 awesome images created by some of the best digital artists out there such as Jean Go, Mist XG, Siwoo Kim and Carlos Dattoli.

Mercy – Irakli Nadar
2070 Fold City – 手指断了 a
USS Unity – Jonathan Ching
Kusanagi – jarred everson
Star Guardian Jinx– Jean Go
Practice – FangXinyu
Nova – Wangjie Li
10 Cloverfield Lane : Concept Art – Nick Hiatt
D.VA❤ – yuanbin hu
Cowboy Bebop Fanart – Romain Jouandeau
ILM art department challenge “The Job” – Pavel Goloviy
“ODE TO MY CHILDHOOD” (Gatchaman) – Carlos Dattoli
The-lost-planet – Rocky Meng
only kill——Butterfly – mist XG
Prison Break – Calvin Chua
The advance on ‘Object 01’ – Titus Lunter
Soldier – Siwoo Kim
Retro Sci Fi – Stayinwonderland
September 9, 2109 – Paul Pepera
Policewoman – Qichao Wang

Incom T-42 – ILM Challenge ‘ The Ride’ – Paul Massey

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