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10 Hilarious Comic Strips from ‘The Odd 1s Out’

Welcome to the hilarious world of ‘The Odd 1s Out Comics.’

Welcome to the hilarious world of ‘The Odd 1s Out Comics.’

These funny comics were all created by the very talented illustrator James R who draws these great little comic strips in his free time while studying at college.

When I first saw these comic strips it reminded me of exactly what I used to do, back when I was at school and college. That’s until my art teacher said I was wasting my time as there’s no money in illustration, which shattered my world and I gave it all up. But that’s another story for another day!

James started out making comics to impress a girl which unfortunately didn’t go as planned.

“When I was twelve I drew a comic making fun of Twilight to impress this girl (she was unimpressed). It was just stick figures, but I really enjoyed doing it. Later I drew another comic to show my friends. They liked it and I thought “Wouldn’t it be funny if this like became a tradition?” and it did” James says.

You can see more of James’s amazing comics on The Odd 1s Out website and Tumblr.







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