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12 Road Signs We May Need in the Future

With all the advancements in technology in automobiles and smartphones we are now confronted with a whole new set of problems on the road.

These problems may call for a whole new set of road signs designed for the future. Take for example road signs that warn us about no sat nav zone. Signs that warn us of driverless cars on the road. Signs telling us to beware of mad cyclists using Strava and watch out for pedestrians who are not paying attention because they are on their smart-phones!

Here are 12 road signs we may need for the 21st century!

H/T: Auto Insurance Center

No Google or Apple Maps Zone

Beware Pedestrians Texting

Warning – No Electric Charge Point for 500 Miles

Caution – Road Rage Drivers Between the Hours 8am – 10am

Warning – Driverless Car Zone

Warning – Confusing Badly Designed Road Ahead

Be Careful of Very Distracted Drivers

Beware of Cyclists From all Directions

Beware of Vehicles From all Directions

Tourists Keep to the Left

Warning  – Fitness Fanatics peak time from 6-7 a.m. and 6-8 p.m

and finally…

Take a Deep Breath

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