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25 Batshit Crazy Inventions That Never Caught on

Anyone for a cigarette umbrella?

There were a lot of amazing inventions in the last 100 years. Take for example the television, the internet and the smart phone.

All of these are amazing inventions that we could never do without in today's society.  There has also been a hell of a lot of mental inventions too. The baby window cage, motorised surfboard and a gun that takes photos.

Just take a look at this selection of crazy ass contraptions. It's no wonder these never caught on!

Bad Driver Pedestrian Catcher

No need to plow down pedestrians anymore when you can catch them with this handy device!

Cigarette Sharer for Morons

Double the fun of developing lung cancer with your loved one!

The Gun That Shoots Around Corners

Now it's easier to shoot an innocent bystander without even having to look!

The Crazy Parent Window Baby Cage

You know what's good development for a baby? Hanging them from a window in a cage. Hours of fun!

The Double Ended Pipe for Dumb Asses

When you want to share your beloved pipe with your mate!

"Aint' Nobody Got Time For That" Reading Mirror Glasses

When your too damn lazy to lift your head when reading!

The Happy Hangover Ice Mask

Everyone knows that a mask of ice is a good cure for a night on the town!

Who Needs Waves With The Motorised Surfboard

Now that's surfing like a sir!

The Family Tandem

The whole family can enjoy a nice bike ride, except mum who has to get on with her chores!

The Parent Baby Carrier a.k.a Baby Slingshot

You can see the potential accident waiting to happen here!

The Baby Walking Machine

You too can cripple your kid before they've even learned how to walk!

The Multi Smoker

Speed up that lung cancer problem with this multi cigarette smoker!

The 'F**k Rain' Cigarette Umbrella

You too can tell rain to f**k off with this handy cigarette umbrella.

Shower Mask of the Future

When the apocalypse hits we will need a handy shower mask.

The Hat With Built-In Radio

Never mind the dumb hat, check out that spliff. Obviously, that's what he was smoking when he came up with that idea!

The Mum's Anti-Air Pollution Ensemble

You too can still go shopping when that impending apocalypse hits.

Early Road Sweeper

Never get a pesky puncture again with these handy car brushes.

The WTF Gun Camera

No words!

The Ladies Faceguard

Just remember to not make a sharp head turn while in close proximity of your neighbour!

The Wooden Swimsuit

Oh, Gee! I wonder why these never caught on!

The Yokel Unibike

Hey Cletus, that's 'wheely' good!

The TV Glasses

Who needs a laptop, tablet or smart phone with these handy TV glasses. Now you can watch TV anywhere anytime without being able to see anything else. It's the future!

Balloon Lifesavers

Who knew that modelling balloons could save our lives!

The Impractical Amphibious Bicycle

There's so many things wrong with this bike!

Apparently This is a Brush Neck Massager

If there's anything we learnt from the olden days it's that they loved to psychologically scar kids!

Crazy Sci-Fi Hairdryer

It's either a hair dryer or some kind of alien mind eating machine!

Written by Leeson

Part-time blogger, full-time coffee addict and lead designer at Lavoisier Technology Group. I love movies, peanut butter and tech.

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