30 Confusing and Hilarious Translation Fails

Anyone for ice cream in the ass?

Make note: When translating your restaurant menu to another language, do not use Google Translate!

When you run a successful business in a country that gets a lot of tourists, you might want to make sure your guests and customers can fully understand and get around any language barriers that they may have. English is the most popular second language so it makes sense to translate a few important things such as shop signs or food menus.

It’s always best to get someone who can properly translate and fully understand how confusing the English language can be because when it’s lost in translation it gets a little confusing, but hilarious too!

Anyone for ice cream in the ass?

They Know My Girlfriend So Well!

Whatever Floats Your Boat!

The Poultry Farm Run by Vegans!


Ahhh! Pringles Always Experimenting With New Flavours!

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“Everyone Loves a Clean Bitch!” A Slogan We Can All Remember!

They Think Of Everything These Days. Perfume For Your Ass!

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“What You Say About My Momma?”

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And on the Menu Tonight We Have…

Rules We Should All Abide By!

I’m Not Looking Forward to That Middle Course at All!

No, Than “Q”

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Obvious This Must Be a Set From Marathon Man Film!

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This Elevator is So Broken!

The Hair Salon That Offers a Mean Haircut!

Now I Can Buy That Plumber Suit and Crotchless Panties!

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Always Remember…

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Watch Out For Those Dead Slow Children!

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Yummy! Coconut Humans My Favourite!

“How Would You Like Your Steak?” “Cheating and Adulteress, Please!”

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Mmmmm, Titbits and Dog Turds!

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Thanaporn – They Sell Wholesale, Sell a Wing, a Donkey That Intimately Trim the Skirt Follows To Order… WTF?

Syrian Paralysis Cheese. I’ll Give it a Miss Thanks

The New Fish Estimates Range

Toilet – The Place of Prayer


Oooh, They Have Lemongrass Frog Technology. I Always Wanted to Try That!

Not Sure I Want To Clean Myself With a Vacuum!

I’m Sure This Sign is From Some Other Dimension Because It Makes No Sense!

And Lastly… Do Not Use the Problem!

Written by Robert De Zero

Joyenergizer Pop Culture Journalist

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