40+ Kids Books With Hilarious Re-Imagined Titles Part 3

Please be advised these book titles are NSFW!

Welcome to another installment of hilarious books with re-imagined titles. We thought we couldn’t find any more of these great book titles but then we found the mother load!

This time this collection comes courtesy of Your Childhood Ruined.

This library of kids books is a hell of a lot more ruder and much more cruder, so beware, because these book titles are definitely nsfw!

You can see more at Your Childhood Ruined on Facebook.

If you want to you can see more of these Hilarious Books with Re-Imagined Titles in Part 1 & Part 2.

I’m Sick & Tired of Your C*nty F*cking Bulls**t | Report

Calculating When I Gave My Last F*ck | Report

I’m Filled With Assh0les | Report

Pounding the Sh*t Out of Your Mom’s Box | Report

Alexa, Play Sad Violin Music as I Suffer Through Your Tedious Sob Stories | Report

There’s Dog Sh*t Everywhere! | Report

Are You F*cking Ready For My Industrial Power Queefs? | Report

I Barely Survived Your Mom’s Dusty Assh0le | Report

I F*cking Told You Not To Cum On My Face! | Report

Cats Are F*cking Evil | Report

Piss and Sh*t Cook Book | Report

I Can’t Become Somebody Else So I Guess I’ll F*ck Myself | Report

Overdosed On Your Toxic Bullsh*t | Report

Next Time… Text Me With Your Bullsh*t! | Report

What Hasn’t Been in My Assh0le? | Report

I’m 5 Seconds Old & Can Already Tell That You’re a Piece of Sh*t | Report

I’m Getting the F*ck Away From This Sh*t | Report

Solid Liquid or Gas! What Will Come Out of My Ass? | Report

I am Perfectly Fine With Being a Gigantic Piece of Human Trash. Suck My Balls! | Report

I Can Smell Your “Thoughts” From Here Sh*t For Brains | Report

How Can I Go To Sleep Knowing That the Whole World is Run By F*cking Idiots? | Report

Don’t Be a F*cking Tw*t | Report

Let’s Pretend We Don’t Live on This Depressing Sh*tpile Far Away As Possible From All the F*cked up Tw*ttery | Report

I will F*ck This Duck in a Truck | Report

Hoist Yourself Up With My Braided Pandemic Bush | Report

Eating Ass is Rad as F*ck | Report

Dad is High as F*ck | Report

Pointing Out Your Bullsh*t | Report

F*ck There’s No Excuse For This Bullsh*t | Report

How To Step On Cocaine | Report

Does My Anal Discharge Smell Healthy? | Report

Corky Stabs the F*ck Out of Those Dickhead Kids | Report

Stop Farting On My Pussy | Report

Don’t Be a C*nt | Report

I Guess I Don’t Give a Sh*t | Report

Who Pissed in the Pool | Report

Oh F*ck, Too Many Shrooms! | Report

Stop Poking My Ass With Your Cock! I’m On the Phone! | Report

A-Plus Sus & I Don’t Give a F*ck | Report

Mommy Is Way Too High to Cook Again! | Report

Quack Quack Mother F*cker! | Report

Ghost Dick | Report

I Am Going To Disappear Into Your Mom’s Box | Report

Back the F*ck Up! You Nasty Little Petri Dish! | Report

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