40 ‘Purrfect’ Logos Inspired by Cats



We all know that Tim Berners-Lee’s soul-purpose of creating the internet was to allow people to look at photos and pictures of cats all day! Love them or hate them here are 40 logos that have been inspired by the lovable fluffy feline.

cat-logos-03 cat-logos-04

cat-logos-001 cat-logos-02

cat-logos-05 cat-logos-06

cat-logos-07 cat-logos-08

cat-logos-09 cat-logos-10

cat-logos-11 cat-logos-12

cat-logos-13 cat-logos-14

cat-logos-15 cat-logos-16

cat-logos-17 cat-logos-18

cat-logos-19 cat-logos-20

cat-logos-21 cat-logos-22

cat-logos-23 cat-logos-24

cat-logos-25 cat-logos-26

cat-logos-27 cat-logos-28

cat-logos-29 cat-logos-30

cat-logos-31 cat-logos-32

cat-logos-33 cat-logos-34

cat-logos-35 cat-logos-36

cat-logos-37 cat-logos-38

cat-logos-39 cat-logos-40

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