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5 Fashion Hacks That Will Add a Creative Twist To Your Outfits

Fit, fabric and style are key factors that make or break an outfit.

Fit, fabric and style are key factors that make or break an outfit.

Keeping your attire polished will surely keep you at the top of your style game. However, keeping it too ‘put together’ can make you look part of a flock – especially if you work in a corporate environment – even though you may have you little quirks that you do not mind sharing with the world.

So, what should you do?

Simple. Think out of the box; since you need to do it at work or school, might as well utilise it to your daily outfits too.

Colour empowerment

Believe it or not, colours are magical. It affects our energy and mood. It also reflects us as people as the colours we choose for ourselves are usually based on our personal preferences, experiences, upbringing, culture and context. The easiest way to incorporate creative colours into your outfit is by introducing coloured accessories.

Instead of a black or white pair of socks, consider wearing a pair in a colour that will make you feel happy. Not only will it put a spring in your step but also give other people a surprise when they talk to your feet. For a bolder statement, try wearing a pair of spectacles with a hint of colour in the frames.

Pins and patches

They say ‘bigger is not always better’ and we agree; instead of putting on big statement earrings and necklaces, try customising your looks with smaller pins and patches. Adding pins and patches on your clothes is a great way to create a look that is uniquely you. Think of them as your personal quirky stamp on your outerwear, bags and shoes.

However, less is more when it comes to this hack because it can be easy to go overboard with this one. Refrain from overcrowding your clothes with a mishmash of pins and patches; curate them and pick a theme that best expresses yourself.


There is a power that you possess when you wear a turban; you will instantly stand out from the crowd. Case in point: Kate Moss at the Met Gala. It exudes old Hollywood glamour much like Joan Crawford and Gloria Swanson. It is also a great alternative to headscarves for women who choose to cover up their hair following the latest modest trends and styles.

Non-hijabi women can also rock this fashion statement as there are so many other creative ways you can wear a turban. It adds a little exotic touch to any outfit and make you seem like a worldly traveller.


Monograming your belongings is an old school practice but it just screams classy that it is hard to ignore. Monogramed items are also great keepsakes that you can hand down to the next generation; so be mindful of what you choose to engrave your initials on i.e. items that lasts (leather bags and jewellery) with classic monogram fonts.

However, if you want to be more current, there is nothing wrong with personalising your own things. Better still, if you are creative enough to design your own initials so that you have a more modern monogram!

Quirky purses

Inject a little creativity to your plain outfit with a quirky purse; it is the easiest way to stand out of from the crowd without going crazy with your clothes. Not only will your outfit be trendy, but it will also be unique as a quirky purse can reflect your personality. Some great quirky purses include House of Hello Kelly’s Big Eyes leather handbags, Kate Spade’s Camera Crossbody Bag and Aranaz’s Piña T’nalak.

Keep it to one

Injecting your personality is key in adding a creative twist to your outfits; think of your outfit as your personal brand’s billboard. The list above is not exhaustive; they are merely guidelines to keep your creative juices running.

However, do remember to use one hack per outfit. You do not want to take the focus out of the outfit; the additions should be enhancing your whole look not putting the spotlight onto them. We hope that these little surprises to your daily wear will make you feel awesome as you go about your day!

Written by Sarah Ghanem

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