‘The Shoe That Grows’ – Helping To Protect Children All Over the World

Have you ever seen an invention and thought, why hasn’t that been done before?

Have you ever seen an invention and thought, why hasn’t that been done before?

Sometimes its’ just the simplest invention that can make all the difference to so many lives around the world.

In this instance I’m talking about ‘The Shoe That Grows‘. It’s just brilliant!

the-shoe-that-grows-design-mash (1)

Did you know that there over 300 million children in the world who do not have shoes?

Even with all the shoe donations received, the children can outgrow them very quickly and then they are right back where they started!

The solution – The Shoe That Grows, which is the first project of the Because International, an organization who are committed to practical compassion.



The Shoe was conceived when Kenton Lee was working in Nairobi, Kenya and noticed children with shoes that were too small for their feet. Lee asked the question “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a shoe that could adjust and expand – so that kids always had a pair of shoes that fit?”

the-shoe-that-grows-design-mash (3)

The solution – ‘The Shoe That Grows‘ adjusts up to five sizes and can last for five years resulting in better protection for children’s feet, which means overall better health for children.

the-shoe-that-grows-design-mash (2)

the-shoe-that-grows-design-mash (2)

You can show your support and there are loads of ways to be involved at The Show That Grows.

the-shoe-that-grows-design-mash (4)

You can also follow The Shoe That Grows an Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo.

Written by Gabriella

Gabriella Sky - I have previously worked as a designer and part-time model, but now work globally as a product buyer for Selfridges & Co


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