60 of the Most Hyper-Realistic Tattoos You’ll Ever See

Damn, these designs are amazing!

These hyper-real tattoo designs will leave you gob-smacked.

With a clever combination of good-old fashioned inking and a bit of optical illusion, tattoo artists are able to create these awesome designs. It doesn’t matter where you place them either on your body because they will always look great.

If you want one of these amazing designs then do make sure you get a tattoo artist that knows what they are doing.

These 60 tattoo designs are truly out of this world!

Written by Anjelica

(Starr) Anjelica De Alexandris is a part-time designer and co-owns a surf and clothing shop based in the South West, Great Britain. Anjelica considers herself to eat and sleep design and considers herself a dedicated Apple fan. Anjelica has written for numerous design blogs including Digital Art Mix, Girly Design Blog, Design Mash, Web Design Mash, Rez, Design is Dead and Blog of Francesco Mugnai

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