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The Best Looking First Person Shooters Ever

Often it is an FPS that sets the bar for the rest.

Game graphics have moved on hugely since the days of the Tetris. In the First Person Shooter genre, it has always been vital to match game play with realism.

The first person genre of games has always been the closest thing to embodying a character (prior to VR) a player can get. Just take a look at the success of Pokemon Go as an example of the popularity of immersion. Often it is an FPS that sets the bar for the rest. Here are some of the best looking ever!


Goldeneye N64

The game that started it all. Goldeneye has gone down in history as the game that started the whole obsession with online FPS. This James Bond video game was known for its four player split screen multiplayer mode. It’s unique game play was joined by some beautiful graphics for the times too. One memorable level was set in a Jungle filled with mist, and the only way to see the baddies were the muzzle flashes of their assault rifles as they fired at you!

Image result for goldeneye jungle

Medal of Honour Frontline

This is a selfish choice by me as it was an important part of my gaming history. One thing I remember is that it was the first time I felt the true immersion FPS can give you. The game thrusts you into the horror of D-day and the battles afterwards with such furiosity you felt as if you were coming under fire in your own comfortable armchair!

Image result for medal of honour frontline d'day



This futuristic FPS was so powerful when it was released in 2007 that computers couldn’t even run it at full capacity at the time. The game was literally ahead of its time. Nevertheless you could still appreciate the majesty of the graphics on Playstation and Xbox if you weren’t willing to break the bank for a PC.

Image result for crysis 2007



This game brought Star Wars to the masses, if that is even possible. It turned George Lucas’ world into a modern gaming phenomenon. The latest incantation by DICE has been applauded for its sound and also graphics. But a recent enhanced graphics mod has caused shock waves through the gaming fraternity as the images look so realistic your almost on Hoth yourself.

Image result for battlefront


No Man’s Sky

Okay so not technically a FPS as such, but it is from a first person perspective and involves shooting sometimes. The much maligned game is many things, but ugly it is not. Shooting from planet to planet, each with their own landscapes is breathtaking. The site of a giant planet orbiting the one your on was a specific idea of creator Sean Murray as it was an image often used in science fiction.

Image result for no mans sky planets


Battlefield 1

The latest in Battlefield franchise, despite its name, thrusts the player into an exaggerated World War One theater of war. While the weapons and vehicles may be old-fashioned, they have been given the full treatment, with graphics so crystal clear you can see the engravings on the gun in your hand. This game is also particularly notable for its incredible landscapes that send you across western Europe.

Image result for battlefield 1

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