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Artist Creates 3D Versions of Pop Culture Characters and the End Results Are Scary!

You will never sleep again!

We’ve seen before that when you transform a classic cartoon character into 3D it doesn’t always turn out as we expected.

Just take a look at our previous post about 3D Simpsons to see what I mean.

Australian artist WilHughes has recreated a collection of famous pop culture characters into 3D with a dark, but realistic tone and the end result is super creepy!

I don’t think I’ll ever sleep again after seeing Wil’s disturbing version of Ronald McDonald!

You can see more of Wil Hughes amazing 3D work at wilhughes3d

Homer Simpson


Spongebob Squarepants

Peter Griffin

Where’s Wally

Ronald McDonald



Bojack Horseman



Nigel Thornberry


Salad Fingers




Courage the Cowardly Dog

Mr. Krabs

Written by Danni

Hello my name is Danielle. Owner and previous Editor of That Looks Fab! and Hard-Up Mum. I am an artist and love all things art and design related.


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