Artist Duo Create Strange, But Cute Sea Creatures and We Love Them!

Could these be newly discovered sea creature species?

Are these cute little sea creatures a new discovery of cute species from the depths of the deep blue sea?

These strange and cute creatures are the work of Polish artists Kasia and Jacke Anysziewicz who create and sell these amazing art dolls under the name Katyushka Art Dolls.

This selection of creatures are all inspired by sea creatures such as seahorse and sharks, but they have created other mystical creatures as well. You can see these on our sister site That Looks Fab! which featured a previous selection of the awesome art doll creatures a while back.

You can see more at  and also purchase these amazing art dolls from the KatyushkaDolls Etsy Store.

Written by Riley

Joyenergizer Pop Culture Journalist

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