Fall in Love with the Art of Nakanoart


We have featured Nakano’s beautiful work in our sister sites monthly Digital Art series many times and we promised that we would do a featured post showcasing more of her amazing work.

Nakano (Nana) is a comic artist artist and illustrator based in California who loves drawing and playing video games!

All Nakano’s art is hand drawn using a pencil and eraser and digitally coloured in Photoshop to finish and they look stunning.

See more of Nakano’s work here – DeviantArt | Facebook | Instagram

Tangled Tiger

Whispers in the Forest

Scooby-Doo and the Crew

Death Note –  The Light in the Darkness

A Light in the Darkness

Art is Wild

What It Takes To Be Strong

Open Your Heart

On Cloud Nine

Muses with Wolves

If Looks Could Kill

Artistic Freedom


Captive Mermaid


All images are © of Nakanoart

Written by Alyssa

Joyenergizer Community Member

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