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See Why the Great Game is So Versatile With the Many Different Faces of Football

Football or Soccer comes in many forms.

Football or Soccer comes in many forms. It is the most popular sport on this planet and its flexibility means you don’t have to be an incredible talent or be born with super human abilities to take part. Most are just small games but some have their very own World Cup’s. Here are the many forms of the game you might not even realise exist!

#1 Walking Football

Walking football was invented in Britain and is a fantastic equalizer thanks to its single strict rule. No running! This means that anytime someone gets to a trot they are penalised with a foul. Understandably this is popular with the veterans among are society as a fun way to keep fit.

#2 Bubble Football

Bubble football is one of the fastest growing types of football there is. Next year sees an official Bubble Football World Cup. The best thing about this game is the inflatable bubbles around the players means you can run into other players without causing any injuries.

#3 Binocular Football

This game changes the perspective of every player. The glasses which are worn by players in a five a side format. They can be set to either magnify or minimize everything in sight by 10x. This can cause some hilarious outcomes and makes playing a normal game of football almost impossible.

#4 Beach Soccer

If you travel Europe of the Americas you will find footballs all over the beaches. It is only right therefore that it has its own official sport. The biggest difference between regular soccer is of course the surface. The lack of roll means most of the game the ball will be airbourne which means players have to be incredibly skilled. Needless to say Brazil are one of the best teams.

#5 Futsal

A very close cousin to five a side.The biggest difference is the ball, which is 30% less bounce and weighted. This means the ball is rooted to the floor and is less likely to bounce away. Skills rule and the south american countries love the creativity this game affords! Some of the most skillful players in the world will be found on a Futsal court.

#6 Blind Football

Blind football is perhaps the best interpretation of the beautiful game as it gives those with loss of sight an opportunity to play. It has become a Paralympic sport and one of the most impressive sights at the event.

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Written by Jack Greene

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