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Totally Kick Ass Street Fighter Art


I remember in the early 90’s when I first saw Street Fighter II in the corner of my local arcade and it had a small crowd around it. I was in awe!

One of the things I will always remember is when I first saw Blanka’s electric shock attack for the first time. I spent many hours and money on that arcade. When it was released on Super Nintendo in 1992 it was like a dream come true.

It’s probably one of the most well-known video game series of all time, which also spawned several movies including a couple of animated ones, which are actually far superior to any of the live-action ones!

The original Street Fighter video game itself was first released way back in 1987. What made that original arcade game so special was that some arcades had punch pads instead of buttons.

Then came Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, which was released in 1991, and was the first true sequel to the original Street Fighter. This release followed an unsuccessful attempt to brand the 1989 beat ’em up game Final Fight and the officially commissioned spin-off Human Killing Machine as Street Fighter sequels.

Over the years there has been many updates to Street Fighter II, such as Champion Edition, Turbo and the Super series. Then there was ‘Alpha’, a prequel series and finally we got Street Fighter III in 1997. More sequels eventually followed and also Capcom, Tekken and Marvel crossovers were also released. Today we are on Street Fighter V, which was released early in 2016.

Jeeyhung – JeeHyung lee
Street Fighter X Tekken – Genzoman
Ken Masters / ケン・マスターズ – Richard Suwono
Street Fighter V – Stealth Marian
Sagat – Adnan Ali
Street Fighter IV 4B – EspenG
Ryu and Chun-Li – David Ardinaryas Lojaya
M Bison – Chris Patterson
StreetFighter – VEGA – DADAIST-Gabriel
2015 – Chun-Li – Daniel Vendrell Oduber
Street Fighter 4 Cover – UdonCrew
Street Fighter 6 Cover – UdonCrew
Street fighter: Blanka – Omuk
Street Fighter – Makoto – Genzoman
Poison – Street Fighter – Alejandro Catalan
SF IV: Guile vs. Abel – TheRagingSpaniard
Street fighter X Tekken round 2 – Genzoman
Street Fighter Cammy – Markovah
Gouki of Street fighter series – HaeminH Jang
Boxer, aka Balrog – James Hanson
Sakura Selfie – Magion 02
Blanka – Eric Yan
Cammy White – Minh Pham
Street Fighter One Credit – Max Berthelot
Street Fighter V MIKA – SangHyun Yu
Zanku Hadouken – Tyler James
Juri – lee yongsung
Untooned Art – Samuel Cazetta
Zombiegief – Ari Targownik
Super Street Fight IV – Kazakami
SFV Ryu-Ken – YamaOrce


Disclaimer– All images are copyright of their respective owners. All characters are copyright of Capcom.

Written by Jay

A caffeine-based life form with a love of the 80s and pop culture.


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