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You Won’t Trust Food Again with these 32 Examples of Food Lies

These images will make you never trust a food company again!

With all the crap and uncertainty going on in the world you’d think that our food would be something you could trust and rely on!

If you’ve ever suspected that the food manufacturers and food outlets were ripping you off then we can confirm that it’s true in these truly shocking images.Once you’ve seen these pictures you will never trust a food company again!

They aren’t even trying

Those cheap b**tards!


Absolutely nailed it!

The world’s biggest lie!

We like to f**k with you

The not so meat medley

So full of cranberries…

Yep, they’ve been ripping you off for decades!

WTF is going on?

I knew it!

Looks more like barf!

Mmmmm, this doesn’t add up!


Lies, all lies!

Tweedy-Pie with conjunctivitus

OMG those money grabbing assholes!

Just like the poster

So full of hammy goodness

Now what’s going on here?

Like something from your nightmares


The world’s worst lemon

Looks yummy

Those cheeky b**tards!


These shrimp look huge…


Sure looks like a clown face

That thieving ice-cream man

Looks just like the one on the packet

An American company made in Canada!

Written by Jake

Nando's Ambassador and resident blogger for Opinion Machine & Digital Art Mix

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