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What South Park Characters Would Look Like in Real Life

Can you believe that South Park has been on our screens for 20 years this year?

Can you believe that South Park has been on our screens for 20 years this year?

We are so used to seeing South Park and its beloved characters in 2D paper-cut animation it’s hard to imagine what they would look like in any other form. But what would they look like in real-life or animated in a different way? In this collection of fan art we take a look at some a wide variety of interpretations by some amazing artists and they give their take on South Park. From hyper-realistic versions to anime which os your favourite?

South Park – IsaiahStephens
1000 Followers – Tuooneo
South Park Kids – animegirl000
South Park – IsaiahStephens
South Park – Akreon
South Park – Kanda3gle
Real South Park Kids – Jeffach
South Park – Quirkilicious
Morning – Kinari21
SP – this was no accident – Kayotics
South Park – ChristG
South Park – Cordania
South Park – Andrahilde
South Park: Come meet someone – Kinky-chichi
South Park – ZombieDaisuke
South Park: Just Desserts – Kinky-chichi
South Park – chasikrat


South Park – AmyHayaNora
The South Park Boys – Leigher
South Park – Damleg
South Park BADASS – Tohad
‘Cause it’s South Park – Rivan145th

Four Boys – mieze018

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