10 Things We Want To Change at McDonald’s Right Now!

We’re (not) loving it (anymore)!

McDonald’s has always been in my life. Growing up in the 80s and 90s going to McDonald’s’ felt like a treat.

As soon as you walked into any of their restaurants you were treated by a waft of cooked fries and it was amazing. Now it smells like warmed-up salad and disappointment.

Take the Happy Meal which isn’t as ‘happy’ as it used to be because the only toys kids get with the meal today are snippets of books or cardboard crap. Gone are the days of decent Happy Meal toys. The best toys were based on McDonald’s own characters such as penny racers, McNuggets figurines and food transformers.

The innovation has also gone with the creativity of burgers. Back in the 90s we had some really creative ideas for beef and chicken burgers but now they are all so disappointing. Oh look this month’s special is The Big Tasty with cheese and next month it is a Big Tasty with a different kind of cheese. Thrilling! Bring back the M Burger and McRib I say!

Here are 10 things we wished McDonald’s would change…

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1. The choice to have cheese dippers as an alternative to fries


My biggest pet peeve with a meal at McDonald’s is that the only ‘side’ you can choose is fries or a salad. Why can’t I have cheese dippers instead? When I was growing up the fries at McDonald’s were the best thing ever, but nowadays they are a bit hit and miss. Half the time they seem undercooked or aren’t even salted. It would be nice to have more options than fries or salad.

2. Breakfast Available All Day


Sometimes you just fancy a Sausage McMuffin at three in the afternoon. If you can’t offer the whole breakfast range at least offer a sausage, bacon and egg burger available on the day-time menu

3. If I want a burger plain there is no discount!


My other pet peeve is that if I customize my burger by taking items off there is no discount, but if I add an item they charge me 50p upwards even after I have taken some items off. So if I order a Sausage and Egg McMuffin but take off the egg and add an extra sausage it actually costs me more!

4. Breakfast Bagels and The Big Breakfast need to come back



Why did they get rid of bagels and the Big Breakfast FFS? The Sausage, cheese, and omelette bagel were totally lush!

5. More innovated special burgers and food ideas


Back in the old days McDonald’s had some great innovative burgers such as the Chicken Italiano, Lamb Curry Burger, McRib, and even the Hotdog and they all seem more creative than the endless Big Tasty burger with a different sauce they offer today. My eldest son used to love the Fish Fingers at McDonald’s as he didn’t eat burgers. Ever since they got rid of fish fingers he can’t really eat anything there now so more fish choices apart from the Fillet o’ Fish would be nice too!

6. Box Meals


Other fast-food outlets such as Burger King and KFC offer box meals. In these, you get a burger, fries, a side, and a drink. Why can’t Maccy’s offer a burger, fries, McNuggets, and a drink?

7. Double McChicken Sandwich


We don’t want the awful Chicken Big Mac, we want a double McChicken Sandwich. None of your Big Mac sauce or gherkins but instead an extra chicken burger with mayo and lettuce. Is that too much to ask?

8. More Shake Flavours


The only thick shake flavours we have in the UK are vanilla, strawberry, banana, and chocolate and they’ve been these basic flavours since forever. We don’t even get the Shamrock Shake for St Patricks Day. We demand more flavours!

9. A Separate Place for Those Annoying McDelivery Drivers


If you ever go into a McDonald’s now half the people waiting inside and taking up all the seats and the parking outside are Uber Eats and Just Eat McDelivery drivers. They totally slow the system down.

Back in the day, you could walk into McDonald’s and once you paid at the counter you got your food and that was that, It was quick, and it is why it was called fast food in the first place. Now you have to order on a touch screen or app, then you get put into a queue and you have to wait because of all the delivery orders clogging up the system. It is not fast food anymore and really puts me off actually going into a McDonald’s restaurant.

They need a separate food hub on some industrial estate to cater for the online orders so the restaurant and drive thru’s can return to how they worked in the first place with no delivery drivers.

10. Bring Back McDonald’s Characters


Okay, so a lot of people don’t like clowns anymore but we miss Grimace, Hamburgler, and Mayor McCheese. The characters made Maccy D’s all that more special in the 80s and 90s.

Written by Jay

A caffeine-based life form with a love of the 80s and pop culture.

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