11 Times DJs Played Sets in Totally Crazy Places

Truly pushing the boundaries in dance music culture.

In the early days of DJing, you’d be lucky to find yourself in a designated DJ booth situated in a dark corner of a dimly lit basement, but fast forward to today and things have gotten a little crazy.

Today, promoters and DJs are pushing the boundaries as to how for they can go to create a truly spectacular experience the dance music scene has never seen before.

Here are 11 times that DJs and acts played sets in the craziest of places. You had to be there!

Paul Oakenfold & Carl Cox – Stonehenge

Two absolute DJ legends of the dance music scene team up to play an exclusive set at Stonehenge. I bet when they were both playing acid house back at Shoom in the late 80s they’d never imagine that they’d be playing back to back at one of the worlds wonders 30 years later! Talk about pushing the boundaries of electronic music and DJ culture.

Aly & Fila – The Great Pyramid of Giza

Hometown gigs are ones that are to be cherished, but Egyptian trancemeisters took this to another level when they finally got to fulfill their dream of playing at one of the seven wonders most famous landmarks.

Nina Kravitz – The Great Wall of China

Could you imagine playing to an amazing crowd on the top of this amazing tourist wall that was built by the Ming Dynasty and is 5,500 miles end to end. Nina did just that, and also Paul Oakenfold beforehand. Paul seems to get the best gigs in the world!

Andrew Weatherall – Sydney Opera House

I bet when they built Sydney Opera House they didn’t think that one day legendary DJ and Primal Scream remixer would be playing techno in there.

Fatboy Slim – House of Commons

Norman Cook became the first DJ ever to play at the House of Commons when he was invited by MP Mike Weatherley to help out House to House, a scheme to get 16-25 year olds involved in their communities through local music and dance projects. It kind of seems ironic the House of Commons would allow such a thing, because back in the 90s they were at war with the whole electronic dance scene. By 1994 they had created the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act against “repetitive beats” being played in public spaces which gave them the power to shut down any outdoor raves that tried to pop up in the countryside or disused warehouse. But here we are. How times have changed!

Paul Oakenfold – Mount Everest Base Camp

Paul truly gets high by performing an exclusive set alongside DJ Ranzen to help raise funds for the local community following the 2015 earthquake that hit the country. The only downside is you had to train for the altitude a month before the gig took place. I’m sure it was worth it though!

Logan Sama, Stormzy & Skepta – London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts

Electronic music is one of the best types of  contemporary art so why shouldn’t it feature in an art gallery.

Deadmau5 – Millbank Tower

Deadmau5 truly lit up the London sky when he played Millbank Tower and projected stunning 4D visuals on the tower to create an amazing audio-visual experience which was out of this world.

Peggy Gou & Artwork – Underwater Rave

You’ve heard of pool parties, but Peggy Gou and Artwork took it to a whole new level by playing in the world’s deepest swimming pool. Guests can dive in and put on a special listening helmet to hear the set.

Horse Meat Disco – London’s Orbit Tower

Horse Meat Disco must have been on top of the world with this event. I’m sure it would have surely been a gig with one hell of a view of London.

Mathew Johnson & Isis – Teufelsberg

Just 30 years earlier people would have been shot if they had tried to film during the cold war. This gig on top a giant mound built of rubble in Berlin where a US listening post would have been situated all those years ago. How times have changed!

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