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13 Real Jobs You Can Do in a Video Game

What If our planet is just a massive computer simulation?

If our planet is just a massive computer simulation, as some have speculated, surely there’d be an option for you to quit your miserable job and try something better and for which you’re completely unqualified?

Unfortunately, it seems that our mundane surroundings are all too real, the only glimmer of a better existence shining down from the cinema screen or flickering at you from whichever video game with which you choose to pass the time. However, in an age of VR, reality TV and misery literature, it is no surprise that the designers of these video games have found a way to let you experience the respective glamour and drudgery of various out-of-reach professions, via a number of job simulators whose gameplay can be as satisfying as its content is esoteric.

Take Big Pharma, for example, in which you can right the wrongs of pharmacy douches such as the infamous Martin Shkreli by developing and marketing drugs to the (simulated) public. Can you cure the world of erectile dysfunction while making a tidy profit – or will your overdeveloped sense of ethics drive your business into the mud? If that’s not enough responsibility for you, why not try running Airport Madness on a parallel console. Ideal for those 10-cups-of-coffee days, this one lets you try your hand as an air traffic controller – co-ordinating dozens of planes and trying to bring them all back home without any nasty collisions.

If it’s fresh air you’re missing, it could be time to open a window and fire up Stardew Valley. You’ll really believe you’re out on the ranch, managing crops and flirting with busty cowgirls or swarthy shepherds. So idyllic is this virtual lifestyle, you’ll find it nigh on impossible to wrench yourself away from the screen and trudge away to wherever you actually earn your dollar. So perhaps you can wean yourself off with something less enticing – Viscera Cleanup Detail, for example, or any of the other job simulators uncovered in this fantastic new infographic.

13 Real Jobs You Can Do In A Video Game
13 Real Jobs You Can Do In A Video Game [Infographic] by the team at Liberty Games

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Written by Liberty Games

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