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Revealed: 33 is the Top Age for Self-Made Women to Start a Business

If you were born in 1986, this could be your year!

A study by fashion retailer Missy Empire has revealed the most common age for women to launch a business to be age 33.

So, if you were born in 1986, this could be your year!

The study of 30 top celebrity female entrepreneurs explores the events and factors leading to their incredible success and reveals:

  • 40% made their millions/billions during their 30’s
  • More than two-thirds (63%) are self made
  • More than half (53%) do not have a college degree
  • Over 40% launched businesses in the fashion industry compared to 6% in sport
  • On average they have 2 companies to their name

7 Female Entrepreneurs Who Launched their First Business in their 30’s

1.   Kristin Cavallari (age 30)

2.   Huda Kattan (age 30)

3.   Jessica Alba (age 30)

4.   Oprah Winfrey (age 34)

5.   Jessica Biel (age 34)

6.   Kate Hudson (age 34)

7.   Gwen Stefani (age 36)

Top 5 Most Lucrative Industries

Interestingly, the majority of female entrepreneurs have earned their fortunes through companies in the following industries:

  • Fashion (43%)
  • Cosmetics (20%)
  • Food and Beverage (10%)
  •  =Technology (6%)
  • =Sport (6%)
  • Other (15%)

Missy Empire ( is a Manchester-based e-commerce fashion brand which bring tomorrow’s fashion, today. Style is at the forefront of their minds and believes in inspiring women to be who they want to be.

Written by Chanelle McGarry

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