20 Awesome Digital Artwork Volume 22

We continue our journey into digital art…

Welcome to our monthly round-up of 22 Awesome Digital Artworks…

It’s that time of the month again where we continue our collection of the best art from the last month. Just as always, we have a fantastic gallery of digital art just for you. This month’s collection includes brilliant works by the awesome artists wlop, Sakimichan and GUWEIZ and many more.


oc. Pinku – Sakimichan
Color Sketch – Z.W. Gu
2017 – Aleksandr Plihta
Aeolian vs. Lenia – Wlop
Hunter Bold – Kenket
The Shadow – Nicolai Eremeico
Merlion – Sandara
Seminar Work – Park Pyeongjun
The Nighthawk – boc0
+Our Place+ – larienne
Baby Sister – Gosia Arska
雞年大吉吧 – 巴拉告 (煌炎武)
Dolores & The Audreys – Chabe Escalante
Winter Barbarians – Felix Ortiz
[YOI] Victor 2 – Claparo-Sans
Under the Sea – Naschi
Going Home – Kawacy
Jaina – Icecrown Citadel – Narga-Lifestream
Howl – Sakimichan
Pyknic – Patri Balanovsky

Written by Darcy

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