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The Majestic Tiger in Art

They seem so majestic and mystical.

The beautiful Tiger, a member of the Felidae family is the largest of the Panthera genus.

With their gorgeous striped coat they are one of the most recognisable species in the world and it is my favourite from the animal kingdom.

They seem so majestic and mystical. They are the national animal of several countries and feature so much in old folklore and mythology. They also appear in logos, coat of arms and flags and pop up so much in movies and stories, but usually as a bad guy!

They are solitary animals and can live up to 15 years old and reach a massive 3.3 metres in length from head to tail. The stripe patterns are completely unique to each tiger and like fingerprints they can be used to identify each one.

Unfortunately, the population of tigers has dramatically dropped from 100,000 to less than 2,000 over the last 100 years. In the future people won’t know how beautiful this creature was. 3 species of tigers have already gone extinct and the other 6 are now endangered species due to a number of reasons. They demand a large area of to hunt which brings them into conflict with humans, destruction of habitat, the demand for fur and for their bones where some countries even in 2017 still think they have medicinal benefits!

Riding Tiger – Sangsoo Jeong
Cold as Lava – Yasin Hasanian
Pussy Express – Vincent Tanguay
Tiger – Victor Bravo
Girl and Tiger – Mahdieh Farhadkiaei
Work in Progress – Stephan McGowan
Tiger – Zhelong XU
Tangled Tiger – NakanoArt
Experimentation with triangles – Lip Comarella
Red Tiger – conniiption
Character Design – Tiger – shayfifearts
Tiger- Study – Ester Conceiçao
Tiger – Ghostbook – oxboxer
Tiger – Hongchao Ma
Tiger – Ivan Stalio
Tiger – psdelux …
“Richard Parker” from Life of Pi – Reilly Lohr
Tiger – marimoreno

Tiger – GrafArtClub

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