20 Must-See Places in the World Which Aren’t So Popular

Now these are places you need to see!

Do you enjoy traveling? If the answer is yes, you must’ve already visited popular places such as Paris, New York, London, or Tokyo. But have you ever thought about going to some of the most unusual tourist destinations?

Such attractions are hard to find in a traditional travel guide, but it doesn’t make them any less interesting than other, more conventional destinations. In this article, we will present to you 20 must-see places in the world which aren’t so popular. Let’s check them out!

1. Eternal Flame Falls

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The Eternal Flame Falls is located in Chestnut Ridge Park, New York. This waterfall is a beautiful sightseeing destination, but the thing that makes it even more interesting is the fire burning behind water slopes. The rocks of the Eternal Flame Falls emit natural gas and make a flame visible 365 days a year.

2. Jellyfish Lake

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Jellyfish Lake is located on Palau Island in the South Pacific. It is only one of many lakes in the neighborhood, but it stands out from the rest due to the jellyfish population. If you are not scared, you can take a dive in the lake and swim surrounded by thousands of jellyfish.

3. Machu Picchu

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Machu Picchu is located in the Andes Mountains in Peru, South America. Built in the 15th century, it represents a wonderful example of the remaining of an ancient Inca civilization. It’s a remarkable example of advanced block-building architecture based on astronomical calculations, but the true purpose of Machu Picchu remains mysterious.

4. The Dead Sea

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The Dead Sea is actually a lake located in Jordan. Most people have heard of it, but only a handful of tourists actually visit it. Jake Gardner, a writer at the assignment help online agency, visited The Dead Sea and shared his impressions with us: “Unlike any other lake, there is no life in Dead Sea because it’s way too salty. However, such an unprecedented salinity also means you can float on the water without swimming, which makes it ideal for all of you lazy tourists out there.”

5. Christ of the Abyss

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Christ of the Abyss is a 2.5 meter-high underwater statue of Jesus Christ located in San Fruttuoso, Italy. If you are a dedicated diver, you might as well go to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and admire this bronze monument.

6. Lake Natron

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Lake Natron is a picturesque tourist destination located in Tanzania, Africa. What makes this lake so interesting? Well, it’s a paradise for individuals who enjoy horror scenes – due to the high concentration of sodium bicarbonate, animals that die in Lake Natron mummify to turn into genuine statues.

7. Petra

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Petra is a well-known destination located in the middle of the desert in Jordan. What used to be the capital of the Nabatean Kingdom is now a stunning archeological complex with a landmark temple called Al Khazneh. It’s a 45-meter high temple build directly into the rocks of the local hill, which makes the whole scene surreal and unimaginably beautiful.

8. Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain

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Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain is supposed to be just like any other peak in the mountainous country of Peru, but it definitely isn’t. Scientists still cannot explain why this mountain is so colorful, but it’s not an excuse not to visit this rocky rainbow in South America.

9. Nelson Lakes National Park

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Nelson Lakes National Park offers a unique experience to all tourists who choose to visit New Zealand. The national park as a whole is amazing, but the thing that makes it special is Blue Lake because it consists of crystal clear water. And when we say crystal clear, we really mean it – you can see every single detail on the bottom of Blue Lake.

10. Spotted Lake Khiluk

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If you were curious to visit the most mineralized lake in the world, you can do it northwest of Osoyoos, British Columbia. Spotted Lake Khiluk contains 365 pools resembling a natural mosaic. Each pool contains different chemical components, thus making it a source of inspiration for science enthusiasts from all over the globe.

11. The Doorway Railway

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People build different types of railroads, but the Doorway Railway in Hanoi, Vietnam, is certainly the strangest. How come? Well, the train passes through the residential streets only a few inches away from local buildings. If you want to get in or out of the train, you have to be very skilled and find a café to enter immediately because it’s impossible to step on the street directly.

12. Blue Lagoon

In case you are a spa lover, then your journey cannot end without visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Although being one of the smallest countries in the world, Iceland is extremely colorful with all of its mountains, lakes, shores, and volcanic landscapes. And of course, you get to enjoy geothermal seawater in one of the local spa centers.

13. Underwater Park

Der Grüne See – During the Seasons from Global Dive Media on Vimeo.

Scuba divers from all around the globe know about the famous underwater park in Green Lake, Austria. Every spring streams of water flood the park and make it a superior attraction for divers looking for some underwater adventures.

14. The Pink Sand Beach

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Enjoying a summer vacation on the beach makes an irreplaceable experience, especially if you can to it on the Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas. Grains of sand contain a special combination of minerals and microorganisms that give this beach a gentle pinkish hue.

15. Cano Cristales

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Talking about colorful tourist places, we have to mention Cano Cristales in Colombia. What seems like an ordinary river throughout the year becomes a much different place during summer. Namely, Cano Cristales turns red because underwater plants change their color. Needless to say, the scenery of Cano Cristales looks incredible.

16. Die Rakotzbrück

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Die Rakotzbrück, also known as the Devil’s Bridge, is located in Gablenz, Germany. Besides being beautiful, the bridge is famous for its shape. When paired with its reflection in the water, the bridge creates a perfect circle. It’s a great example of aesthetics and practicality that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world.

17. Banff National Park

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Banff National Park offers an all-around experience to every tourist who decided to visit this majestic natural resort in Canada. You can find it all there – from cultural attractions and restaurants all the way to the most exciting adventure tours. And the whole place is huge, so you don’t even have to meet too many people while taking a stroll.

18. Tunnel of Love

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Could you really resist going through the Tunnel of Love, no matter what it may be? This is actually a part of a larger railroad in Ukraine, but it is designed so as to look like the most romantic leaf-rich tunnel. No surprise it is young couples’ favorite destination.

19. The Confluence of Rhone and Arve Rivers

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The confluence of rivers Rhone and Arve in Switzerland may as well be the most beautiful globally. The two rivers don’t mix but rather flow independently next to each other due to water density differences. Bearing in mind that Rhone is blue and Arve is brown, it is easy to conclude what makes the confluence so incredible.

20. Dead Vlei

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Dead Vlei, also known as the Dead Marsh, is a dried oasis in Namibia, Africa. Once a colorful forest, Dead Vlei is now a tourist attraction with elegant sand dunes and picturesque sun-blackened trees.


Traveling to almost any destination in the world guarantees a lot of fun, but sometimes you might want to shake things up by visiting an unusual tourist attraction. In this article, we showed you 20 must-see places in the world which aren’t so popular.

Have you already visited any of these destinations? Do you have other interesting attractions to recommend to your fellow tourists? Feel free to write a comment – we would love to see your traveling experiences!

Written by Susan Saurel

Susan Saurel is a full-time digital marketer at uk best essays and assignment help. A part-time travel blogger. Susan loves meeting new people and cultures, but she is particularly interested in unusual travel destinations. Susan is the mother of two lovely daughters and a dedicated long-distance runner.

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