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5 Things You Should Try Out on Your Fiji Grad Trip

It’s a true heaven on Earth!

If you’re thinking about taking your grad trip somewhere nice and tropical, there’s no better place than Fiji.

Spreading across more than 300 islands, Fiji got its reputation of being a true heaven on Earth. Its off beaten tracks will feed the hearts of those looking for adventure, while the crystal-clear waters make the perfect scenery for unwinding.

The most popular Fiji destinations include the Mana Island and Plantation Island, while you can go on different excursions to explore hidden gems. You can relax around the pool, go on a beach picnic, and connect with nature on a deeper level.

Fijian cuisine is incredibly soothing – from chicken curry dishes to traditional Lovo and Kokada. In case you’re a sweet tooth, you’ll love the refreshing coconut tart.

Explore cool waters and amazing marine life with snorkeling and diving or go on a hiking trip through the lush forests. Get some vitamin D by chilling in the sun and enjoy delicious smoothies and cocktails.

Want more ideas on what to do on your grad trip in Fiji? Check out our suggestions for a trip of a lifetime!

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Written by Angela Berry

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