33 Abandoned Places Where Nature Has Reclaimed the Earth

It’s like a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie!

Sometimes an old derelict building or structure can be an eyesore, but give it a few years, decades or even centuries exposed to the elements and the power of Mother Nature and it can turn into something quite beautiful.

You may think that you are looking at the set of some post-apocalyptic movie, but the images below are a collection of photos of some of the most beautiful abandoned places across the globe.

From abandoned palaces and theme parks to churches and whole cities and they are prime examples of how nature eventually reclaims everything!

No, It’s Not the Blair Witch House, But a House Abandoned in Ireland

© All rights reserved – Daily Mail

Angkor Wat – Cambodia

© All rights reserved – Brad Grove
© All rights reserved – AndyBrii

Nothing is Safe from Nature! – Vashon Island – USA

© All rights reserved – Ethan Welty

The Car Cemetery – Belgium

© All rights reserved – Rosanne de Lange

Abandoned Spreepark – Berlin, Germany

© All rights reserved – Beto Ruiz Alonso

The Tree and Piano – California, USA

© All right reserved – Crackoala

Houses Covered in Moss – China

© Shutterstock – imaginechina

Abandoned Ferris Wheel – USA

© All right reserved – Kyle Telechan

Abandoned Polish Palace

© All right reserved – Lucas Malkiewicz

The Abandoned Rail Road – China

© All rights reserved – Daily Mail

Abandoned Cooling Tower – Belgium

© All rights reserved – Brokenview

The Most Famous Abandoned City in the World – Pripyat, Ukraine

© All Rights Reserved – Pixabay

Abandoned Japanese Theme Park

© All rights reserved – Daily Mail

Abandoned Spreepark Theme Park – Berlin, Germany

© All rights reserved – 2ndblacksheep

The Iconic Abandoned Ferris Wheel of Pipryat, Ukraine

© All rights reserved – Daily Mail

The Abandoned North Brother Island – New York, USA

© All rights reserved – Wikimedia

A Real-Life Treehouse! Florida – USA

Angkor Wat – Cambodia

© All rights reserved – Pietro Bevilacqua

Abandoned Church – Paris, France

© All rights reserved – Staticflickr

Abandoned Church – St. Etienne, France

© All rights reserved – Jurgroessen

Abandoned Chimney Complete with Tree – Panama

© All rights reserved – Daily Mail

The Tunnel of Love – Ukraine

© All rights reserved – Placesmustseen

Sunken Tank – Federated States of Micronesia

© All rights reserved – Alamy

Abandoned Rail Road – Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture – France

© All rights reserved – Pierre Folk

Abandoned Mill – Sorrento, Italy

© All rights reserved – Jason Wallace

The Abandoned Castle – Ireland

© All rights reserved – Sam Abell

Abandoned Rum Distillery – Barbados

© All rights reserved – Toomz808

Abandoned City- Hong Kong, China

© All rights reserved – Romain JL

This Looks Like an Ancient City, But is an Abandoned Railway Station in Abkhazia, Georgia!

© All rights reserved – Ilya Varlamov

The Crisscross Tree Roots

© All rights reserved – Worldbeyondyourown

Keelung Abandoned City – Taiwan

© All rights reserved – Daily Mail

The Abandoned Seneca Lake Estate – USA

© All rights reserved – Adwheeler

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