26 Guys Who Refuse to Accept They’re Going Bald

The comb over is a fine art…

It can be a very crushing feeling when you realise the shock horror that your beautiful man mane is now starting to fall out, but what do you do?

Do you embrace the fact that you will be a lot lighter on your head and shave it off or do you conceal it and go for the rather unconvincing comb over?

Guys can lose their hair as soon as they hit adulthood, and it can be very daunting. When you take a look at men in fashion magazines the male models all have a perfectly styled full head of hair or long luscious locks all blowing in the wind.

Some guys just refuse point blank that they are going bald and have adapted the fine art of cover up by ways of the popular comb-over, comb down or the ‘Trump’ pièce de résistance – the wrap around

But really ,balding guys should just accept their lack of locks because a bald or shaved head has worked out perfectly fine for men like Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Jason Statham and Bruce Willis.

Embrace your baldness guys!

Hey There Ladies!

The Chinese Tsunami Sweep

The Trump Power Swoop

The ‘Oh F**k It!’

The Two In One Moustache/Hair Hybrid

The Bowl Comb Around

The Cycle Helmet Slick Down

The Balkan Twist

The ‘Charlton’

The Ambassador Dome

The Used Car Sales Man Comb Over

The ‘Just Don’t Make Eye Contact While His Hair is Flapping’ Comb Over

The Corn Rows Comb Over

The Aristocrat Plait

The ‘Why the F**k Even Bother’ Comb Over

The ‘Gel it All Down and Hope for the Best’ Comb Down

The Semi Comb Over

The Cascade Comb Over

The Sweaty Comb Over

The ‘If Only I Had a Mirror To See the Back of My Head’ Look

See Above

The Woolly Wrap Around

The Asian Bill Gates Comb Over

The ‘Homer’

The ‘How To’ Guide for Donald Trump’s Comb Around

Written by Riley

Joyenergizer Pop Culture Journalist

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