The Ultimate Chocolate Countdown – Our Top 25 Chocolate Bars

Does your favourite make the cut?

Forget about what you may have already read or seen about chocolate countdowns before because we have the ultimate list of British chocolate bars.

It’s a list so sweet and chocolatey that you may develop diabetes before you reach the end! Whether you are a Cadbury lover or a Nestlé nut we have compiled a definite list of the best chocolate treats you can buy. How does your fave compare to our list?

Please note this is the British Top 25 and none of your gritty bitter American-made chocolate features here!

So, Which Bars Didn’t Make the Cut?

We had to sample a lot of chocolate and it was a hard decision, but this selection of tasty chocolate bars just missed out on the top 25.

Fries Chocolate Creme

It’s the oldest chocolate bar in the list and also the oldest in the world and it’s a real treat. Dark chocolate encasing a fondant creme filling. It used to be available in peppermint and a multi-coloured centre fruit version.

Toffee Crisp

A very light, chewy and crispy bar. The problem with this bar is that it takes about one minute to eat it and it’s not very filling or satisfying.


For those who like the dark side! Pure dark chocolate and named after the village where Cadbury was founded and originally based. It’s a bitter chocolate bar and that bitterness helps with not scoffing it all in one go.

Double Decker

A bar compacted with nougat, rice crispy biscuit base and all covered in chocolate. It’s a chewy and bulky bar and you get your money’s worth, but it just doesn’t quite cut it to get into the top 25, sorry!

Dairy Milk Caramel

Back in the day when this chocolate bar went under the name of just ‘Caramel’ and had a rather sexy cartoon bunny advertising it, it tasted fantastic, but ever since Montelez/Kraft took over they changed the recipe and ruined it forever! They did the same with the much fabled Creme Egg and the taste is now very disappointing and almost nutty in taste. So the poor old bastardised (Dairy Milk) Caramel doesn’t even make the top 25 any more!


The poor old Topic although is a tasty nutty chocolate bar, but it always seems like that unloved sibling that nobody likes to talk about. I’ve never known anyone buy one of these and I don’t think I’ll ever hear the words “get me a Topic” uttered by anyone. It’s a chocolate bar that is just there on the shelves because of some conspiracy I think!


Although it’s a mini frog-shaped dairy milk it’s a nice little treat, but due to its ‘fun size’ it doesn’t count in our list.

Wispa Gold

The luxe version of the classic Wispa bar. What ruins this chocolate bar is the changed recipe Caramel that is contained in this bubbly bar.


If you are old enough to remember when this little chocolate bar was last advertised then you may remember the old song “A finger of Fudge is just enough to give your kids a treat”, it really isn’t because it’s a tiny little finger size bar aimed at pre-schoolers. It’s tasty I give it that, but it’s disqualified because of its teeny weeny size.

Milky Bar

The only white chocolate bar featured and out of the few famous white chocolate bars there is, this is the very best. Unfortunately, it’s still not good enough to feature in the top 25, because white chocolate, meh!

Curly Wurly

The Curly Wurly is your Cadbury Chomp on LSD and If designed by Salvador Dali. It’s a stretched ladder-esq long fun chocolate bar that’s aimed at kids. It’s not a common bar and you are more likely to see it hiding away in a petrol station on the M5 than your local supermarket.


I’m not quite sure why the tasty Ruffle is so small. It’s a nice raspberry-flavoured coconut bar covered chocolate, but it’s gone in two mouthfuls.


The gorgeous Swiss Milka Alpine Milk nowadays only seems to be sold in large bars now so it gets disqualified, else it would be easily in the top 10.

Kinder Bar (Previously Known as Maxi)

The only reason this chocolate bar isn’t in the top 25 is because it’s aimed at young children and only comes in those tiny, tiny bars. Basically, it’s a Kinder Egg as a chocolate bar and it’s a bar of pure milky goodness.

Its bigger brother the Bueno does feature later on our list, but this bar is let down because of the size of the chocolate bar, which is a shame about this beautifully tasty chocolate bar from Ferraro!

Let’s get started…

In at No. 26 The Wildcard Choice – Fruit and Nut

We couldn’t decide on Fruit & Nut so gave it a wildcard position of 26. A true classic in every sense of the word. Cadbury Fruit & Nut is a timeless chocolate bar, it almost feels like a reliable, wise old man you would go for guidance. If Obi-Wan Kenobi was a chocolate bar he would be this!

What’s in it?

Lovely slab of Dairy Milk chocolate with bits of raisins and whole nut. It’s a winning combination.

No. 25 – Lion Bar

The Lion Bar is one of those chocolate bars that people are surprised it is even still on sale. It’s marketed as a mighty bar. It’s a chocolate bar that isn’t that common in most shops and has fallen from grace since its hay days. Now comes in peanut and white chocolate flavours, but nobody asked for that! (?)

What’s in it?

A crisp wafer encase in chocolate and rice crispies.

No. 24 – Yorkie (All flavours)

This chunky chocolate bar which is marketed as a ‘man’s chocolate is one hell of a hefty bar. It used to have the slogan “It’s not for girls”, and even though it was not to be taken seriously the feminists of today would have a field day!

What’s in it?

A very manly chunky bar of chocolate that nearly dislocates your jaw when biting into it. Comes in milk, biscuit, raisin or nut, but has also come in limited edition flavours such as honeycomb.

No. 23 – Picnic

They ain’t wrong with that title, it is a right picnic of a bar!

What’s in it?

What isn’t in it? Wafer, fruit and nut.

No. 22 – Daim

Back in the day, this bar used to be spelt as Dime, but somewhere along the way it was changed to its native Swedish name of Daim, but still pronounced the same. It’s the go to choice for the IKEA enthusiast!

What’s in it?

Crunchy almond caramel covered in milk chocolate

No. 21 – Crunchie

The good old Crunchie is always marketed as a fun chocolate bar and for some reason has the slogan “Get that Friday feeling”. Maybe Over the weekend Crunchie really lets their hair down, who knows!

What’s in it?

Cinder toffee-style honeycomb bar covered in milk chocolate.

No. 20 – Twix

The name Twix is a portmanteau of twin biscuits, or ‘twin bix’. It’s a great bar you can share or save half for later. Yes, ‘Twix fits!’

What’s in it?

It’s a simple finger biscuit, topped with caramel and smothered in milk chocolate.

No. 19 – Flake

Your damn right it’s the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate in the world.

What’s in it?

A crumbly, flaky long bar of dairy milk, like it’s created by NASA!

No. 18 – Chocolate Orange Bar

The first bar in our list that’s made with flavoured milk chocolate. You have to love that orange segment design too!

What’s in it?

It’s a Terry’s Chocolate Orange Squished into a bar-size

No. 17 – Boost

I don’t know if anyone actually remembers the humble Boost bar originally being a coconut flavour and also being in a red wrapper. The biscuit version and a peanut version were introduced a few years later. The peanut version was a re-branded Starbar (which later returned to Starbar) and eventually the biscuit version took over. The Boost is the nut-free version of the Starbar, with the nuts replaced with teeny tiny biscuits.

What’s in it?

A compact chewy and tasty bar including biscuit caramel and chocolate and charged with glucose!

No. 16 – Mars

The reason that the humble Mars bar is so low on this list is because of how tiny and pathetic this once-almighty chocolate bar has become over the last 10 Years. In the old days, it was marketed as a snack that would set you up for the day. The slogan used to be “A Mars a day helps you work rest and play”. Now it seems a shadow of its former self!

What’s in it?

Known as the Milky Way in the US. It’s a nice combo of caramel and nougat encased in milk chocolate. It’s just a real shame that in another 10 Years, it will be the size of a fun-size bar!

No. 15 – Kit Kat Chunky

It’s a beast of a bar. It’s a huuuuge Kit Kat finger. Unfortunately, it’s never as good as a 4 finger Kit Kat. But strangely neither is a 2 finger Kit Kat. The peanut butter variation is probably the best out of its many flavours.

What’s in it?

A crispy wafer covered in very chunky chocolate.

No. 14 – Milky Way

In the US the Milky Way is our Mars Bar and this chocolate bar is known as Three Musketeers Bar!

What’s in it?

Very soft and tasty nougat covered in chocolate and comes in two parts when buying the full-size version.

No. 13 – Bounty

It’s strange how tasty a Bounty is with its coconut filling, but can you actually think of any other coconut bars out there apart from the tiny Ruffle?

What’s is it?

Compacted coconut smothered in milk or dark chocolate.

No. 12 – Wispa

The wannabe Aero from Cadbury is a very smooth bubbly bar. Was re-branded and reshaped as Dairy Milk Bubbly for a short while, but a campaign on the internet got it changed back to Wispa to its original shape and wrapper.

What’s in it?

It’s a Dairy Milk with very tiny bubbles running through it.

No. 11 – Snickers

I’m very surprised to hear, that Snickers is actually the number one-selling chocolate bar in the world followed by Toblerone. The Snickers bars was originally named Marathon here in the UK, but was changed to Snickers, which was a horse on the original Mars Dairy farm.

What’s in it?

Nougat, Caramel and peanuts. Basically, it’s like a Mars bar with nuts.

No. 10 – Toblerone

It’s a true masterpiece in chocolate design. It always seems like a chocolate bar that you would buy for your dad on his birthday or Christmas. It has been a victim of cost-cutting over recent years with the gaps in between each triangular piece being considerably increased to the point you could now park a bike in there!

What’s in it?

Glorious triangular-shaped Swiss chocolate with tiny pieces of honey nougat inside. Just make sure you don’t bite down on that triangular tip!

No.9 – Fry’s Turkish Delight

Usually, when you get other companies Turkish Delight chocolate it sometimes is either chewy or hard, but Fry’s seems to have the consistency just right.

What’s in it?

It’s a gorgeous bar of rose-flavoured jelly covered in chocolate. It’s such a damn shame it’s only a small bar!

No. 8 – Aero (All flavours)

A more superior bubbly chocolate to the Cadbury Wispa. The poor old Aero has been a victim of the old-size cost cutting. Back in the day, there were various variations of this delicious bar.

What’s in it?

Gorgeous bubbly nestle chocolate in milk, mint, orange flavour and also a mousse variation.

No. 7 – Galaxy Ripple

This is The Galaxy luxe version of a Twirl, but it doesn’t come in two parts, but a long thin bar more like a Flake.

What’s in it?

Flaky Galaxy chocolate covered in chocolate.

No. 6 – Twirl

It’s a more defined Flake without the mess. It’s covered in a layer of chocolate, which helps with that bloody flakiness and it also comes in twos, which is another bonus. They have really shrunk down in size now though, but haven’t they all!

What’s in it?

It’s two sticks of chocolate-covered Flake.

No. 5 – Kinder Bueno

Beautiful, just beautiful. The Kinder Bueno chocolate bar is a truly tasty bar.

What’s in it?

Two chocolate-covered crispy fingers filled with that amazing Kinder milky hazelnut filling. Comes in milk, white and dark versions.

No. 4 – Galaxy

Galaxy is like the Lexus division in Mars confectionery. It’s always marketed as a luxury chocolate line. It is just that too. With its smooth and creamy flavour.

What’s in it?

Really smooth milky chocolate.

No. 3 – Starbar

You can forget Snickers or Reese’s as the champion of peanut chocolate bars because the Starbar is pure class. It disappeared for a while in the 90s but returned once again to be the king of the Peanuts.

What’s in it?

Very similar to the Boost, the bar has a milk chocolate covering and is filled with caramel and crushed roasted peanuts.

No. 2 – Cadbury Dairy Milk

Probably the nation’s favourite chocolate bar. To me, it has fallen from grace because of the recipe changes and the shape of the blocks shapes and sizes over the last decade or so.

What’s in it?

It’s simple but tasty. A block of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.

No. 1 – Nestlé Crunch

I bet you didn’t see that coming! Oh no shock horror. Our choice for first place is not Dairy Milk!

The Nestlé Crunch is just so simple. It’s a combination of chocolate and crispy rice and it works so well. It’s pretty much chocolate perfection.

Now you know the results, let’s take a moment to remember those chocolate bars that are no longer with us, but never forgotten.

Gone But Not Forgotten…

Mars Delight

If this was still around this would be a contender for the top spot. God only knows why Mars decided to stop making it!


Is there anything that wasn’t in this chocolate bar? Chocolate, rice crispies, raisins etc

Nestle Double Cream

This was Nestles competitor to Galaxy with its double helpings of cream giving it an amazingly smooth taste.


This was a dark chocolate pyramid-shaped chocolate bar with a mint fondant filling. It was like a giant After Eight.


A very delicate nest of spun chocolate encasing a mallow centre. Would always end up broken in he packaging.


The Cadbury Spira came out around the same time as Twirl and Time Out. It was a long twist of Dairy Milk with a hollow centre. Not really much to it, but it was good while it lasted.


This was like if Dairy Milk was made with white chocolate

Written by Jay

A caffeine-based life form with a love of the 80s and pop culture.

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