Why I Can’t Stop ‘Hate-Watching’ The TV Shows I Used to Love

We ain’t getting that wasted time back!

I don’t watch a lot of television shows, mainly because most of TV is utter garbage.

It’s easy for me to avoid the usual shit programs, which nowadays is filled with obnoxious attention seeking assholes or rich silver spoon folk showing off their money. Take for example the many, many talent shows littering the schedules such as The Voice, Dancing on Ice and [Insert country here] Got Talent or the reality shows like Real Housewives, The Only Way is Essex and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

On the other hand several shows have become a stable TV diet for me and some of those shows include The Walking Dead (I hate you), Game of Thrones, Westworld, Black Mirror etc.

So, what drove me to write this post? The Walking Dead, that’s what!

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I really hate the show, it drives me mental, but I keep on watching it every time there is a new episode, but why do I do it? Because I ‘hate-watch’ it and I just can’t stop!

What is Hate-Watching?

Meaning = Watching a show religiously even though you f**king hate it because you’ve invested so much of your time and life in a show!

Back to Walking Dead, it’s a show I’ve been watching since the very first episode and I obviously didn’t hate the show from day one because that would be crazy of course. I admit I enjoyed the first episode and carried on watching the first season which was also pretty good. We are now eight seasons in although it feels more like eight hundred and it’s the biggest over-hyped bag of shit on TV!  The show should have wrapped up by now. I carry on watching so I can criticize each week on how the show has turned to shit. I obsess about all the things that are wrong, how it has failed me and how it isn’t as good as the old days.

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Why do me and other people keep hate-watching it?

Let’s ask science…

Apparently science doesn’t have an answer to how much actual TV is watched through pure hate, but with the many fan forums popping up about these shows which are full of people who watch religiously just so they can rip apart each new episode. What we do know is that this whole phenomenon of hate watching must have spawned because the show was at first really great to begin with and we get hooked in the first place. Now it only makes us wish the shows would be euthanized because they have just become more and more awful season upon season.

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Obviously, this kind of watching does have an effect on these shows because all that hate-watching still counts on the ratings, which then means the shows will never improve and they will just keep continue to make them.

Nobody hate-watched stuff back in the old days, but I suppose back then we only had a handful of channels and TVs weren’t in every room and a computer, tablet or mobile phone wasn’t at our disposal to binge out on streaming services like Netflix.

What Really Sucks About The Walking Dead

I hate the way they split the seasons into two parts. The episodes just drag and I can literally leave the room for most of the show and return and still I wouldn’t have missed anything. The droll episodes that only focus on a handful of characters or maybe even just one character like Morgan and how he learned to master using a f**king stick as a weapon are just the goddam worst.

At the start it was all about the zombies, but they seem to be an after thought now and we can go many episodes without seeing some of the main characters. They should try and show all the main characters each episode even if it is for just a few minutes. The show seems to follow the same formulaic pattern every season. The gang find somewhere to live, another gang comes along and wreck it for them, but then they get defeated and they all have to move on again to find somewhere else to live and repeat.

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Now it’s Just stagnated and the last couple of seasons where Rick and his people just seem to be at war with the badly cast Negan. A guy who should be renamed as the leaning tower of Negan because he just can’t stop leaning backwards when he talks and his pathetic crew.

And finally Maggie seems to have been pregnant over three seasons and still doesn’t show, but poor red eyed Rick’s beard is turning white and his youngest Judith has clearly grown a few years.

The Walking Dead isn’t the only culprit here as there are a handful of other shows too. These include The Simpsons which should have not been made after the nineties, The Big Bang Theory and The X-Files. I’ve invested too much of my time and life into some of these shows.

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Some of I’ve been watching for years and even decades and I’ve been watching the Simpsons since day one. I’ve literally grown up being part raised by that family and it breaks my heart to see the shambles they pass off as episodes today because they are unforgivable. They’ve sadly made more shit episodes and seasons now than good ones and it’s legacy is ruined forever.

It is like clinging onto a dead marriage and it’s time wasted that you will never ever get back!

Written by Jay

A caffeine-based life form with a love of the 80s and pop culture.

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