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27 Awkward Pre-Fame Modelling Photos of Famous Actors

Oh well, you gott start somewhere!

Believe it or not, many movie and TV actors don’t always start off with acting as their first profession. Oh no, a lot of actors start off in doing various modelling before they get that big break.

We take a peek back in time and glance into a collection of celebrities and how they looked in a previous life. Think twice before criticising these celebs again, because just think of all those awkward poses and crappy clothing they had to endure to get where they are today!

Awwww, Sweet Keanu Reeves!

Angelina Jolie or Mila Kunis?

Brad Pitt Sporting the ‘Wham!’ Look

Innocent Looking Cameron Diaz

Channing Tatum Looking Like a Boy Band Reject

Mila Kunis Presents… The 90s

Chris Pratt Going for the Shaggy ’70s Look

Jennifer Connelly Looking Hip

I Take Back All The Nasty Things I Said About Robert Pattinson. Look At What He Had To Do!


A Very ‘90s Looking Tom Hardy

Glum Looking Lindsey Lohan. Maybe Has Foreseen Her Future Career.

Looking Good George. Looking Good! Classic 1980s George Clooney.

The Queen of Kick-Butt Mila Jovovich Before all that Zombie Killing

Josh Holloway is ‘Lost’ in Fashion Hell!

Ooh, If Looks Could Kill (Bill) Uma Thurman!

Woah! Steady There Tom Cruise

Amanda Seyfried Loved a Good Book Cover

Ashton Kutcher Found Out His Top Had Shrunk in the Wash!

Sofía Vergara in a Former Life

James Marsden Hated Knitted Cardigans

A Cheeky Looking Kirsten Dunst & Lindsey Lohan

I Didn’t Know Elijah Wood Was in the Little Rascals!

Looking Like a Princess – Carrie Fisher

Jared Leto is not ‘Joker’-ing Around!

A Sweet Innocent Jennifer Lawrence

“Hey… Wheres, My, Damn, Shirt, Gone?” Said Christopher Walken

Gwyneth Paltrow Former Contraceptive Runner

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