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38 Photos of Celebrities Before They Were Famous

They haven’t changed a bit!

Have you ever wondered what your favourite celeb may have looked like when they were younger?

We take a glimpse into the past and have a peek at a selection of famous people photographed before they were famous.

Some of the celebrities are instantly recognizable and haven’t changed a bit, but some you may need to take a second look. Anyway, let’s take a look at a collection of celebrities before they were famous…

Ben Stiller Aged 13 With His Dad Jerry Stiller

Robert De Niro Aged 7

A Young Vin Diesel at High School

A 12-Year Old Muhammed Ali

Arnold Schwarzenegger Aged 19 at Oktoberfest in Munich

A Dapper Looking Frank Sinatra aged 10

A Four-Year Old Barrack Obama Riding His Tricycle

A 90’s Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Looking Cool With His Fanny Pack!

A 7-Year Old George Clooney

Cher Aged 13 – Arrested for Taking Her Mum’s Car For a Ride!

An 18-Year Old Robin Williams at Redwood High School

Harrison Ford in Senior Year 1960

Paul McCartney Aged 8 Chilling With His Dad

A Mugshot of Kurt Cobain Aged 19 – Arrested for Spray Painting “God is Gay” on Vehicles!

A Funky Morgan Freeman in the 1970’s

A 19-Year Old Tommy Lee Jones

A Mugshot of Paul Newman Aged 18

Sylvester Stallone in Senior Year – 1960

A 17-Year Old John Lennon With Cynthia Who Go On To Be His First Wife

Former President Bill Clinton Playing His Beloved Saxophone Aged 12

No it’s Not Norman Bates from Psycho, But George Lucas in 1962!

Tiger Woods Playing Nintendo Aged 14

John Wayne Playing College Football Aged 19

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston Aged 14 With His Dog

Jack Nicholson Circa. 1954

Andre the Giant at Paris Fashion Show – 1966

Stevie Wonder Aged 16 Messing Around with Muhammed Ali

Fidel Castro Playing College Basketball Pre-Revolution Days

A Young Mariah Carey

Henry “The Fonz” Winkler – 1963

14-Year Old Winston Churchill In the Poshest School Uniform Ever!

Stephen Hawking Aged 12

A Teenage Audery Hepburn

A Very Cool Grace Jones – 1967

A 19-Year Old Marilyn Monroe

No, It’s Not Wolverine’s Dad, But an 18-Year Old Teddy Roosevelt!

Snoop Dog High School Photo

Bruce Willis With a Lot of Hair in the 1970’s

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