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38 WTF Wedding Photography Fails

From inappropriate dresses and badly timed photos to weird photo concepts and crazy photobombs.

A wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You can plan for months and even years for that dream event.

With all that time and effort that’s gone into planning your big day you will want it to go as smooth as possible, but there are so many things that can go wrong!

Here are 38 wedding photo fails that include a selection of inappropriate dresses, badly timed photos, weird photo concepts and crazy photobombs.

Well, We Did Ask for Melon Balls at the Reception

Little Boy Finds Out Where Babies Come From

Mr Llama Was Too Late to Stop the Marriage to His True Love

The Dumped Bridesmaid Gets Her Revenge

What a Proud Dad He Must Be!

John Was Not Ashamed to Show His Love and Commitment to Debbie the Centaur

That’s Not What We Had in Mind by ‘Wedding Ring’

“Dad, Get Off My Dress, You Son of a Bitch!”

The Inappropriate Horny Couple

Well, the Photographer Did Want to Capture Every Moment

There’s Always One Dickhead at the Wedding!

Wedding Limousine Hillbilly Style

Like We Said the Photographer Wants to Capture Everything

The Ugly Sisters Turned Up To See Cinderella Get Hitched

There’s Nothing Worse Than Somebody Overshadowing Your Big Day, Literally!

Never Turn Your Back on a Wedding Photographer

Remember… ‘Capture Every Moment’

Wedding Photos Eastern European Style

They’ve Just Gotten the Bill for The Wedding

When Your Photos Get Photobombed by an Asshole Dressed as a Chicken!

Till Death Do Us Part!

At Least Somebody is Ready For the Wedding Night

Mrs Thumb Remarried After Tom’s Untimely Death

Miss Hover Very Proud to Be Getting Married

The Curious Page-boy

Stay Classy!

Oh F**k!

When Things Don’t Go To Plan

Photobombed by the C-Jumping Speedo Man!

When Your Giant Holographic Futureselves Gatecrash Your Own Wedding

Bridesmaid Just Couldn’t Wait for the Wedding Buffet

Laura Lamp Was Very Happy To Be Asked to Be a Bridesmaid

Just What You Need a Bride Smelling of Sausage!

When You Are Too Skint To Afford Wedding Clothes, Just Make Do!

Gloria the Tallest Woman in the World Was Sadly Jilted at the Aisle

Well, When It Comes to the Wedding Night I’m Sure There Isn’t Much More That You Haven’t Seen

Shauna Was Still Pining for the Carpenter That Got Away

A Wedding Reception of Style. Your Local Fast Food Restaurant.

Written by Riley

Joyenergizer Pop Culture Journalist


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