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35 Crazy AF Russian Wedding Photos

Spoiler Alert: These Photos Are Mental!

Wedding season is fast approaching and you may be looking for some inspiration for your wedding and a little bit of creativity for the photography of your special day.

You could go with the old romantic black and white approach or have a professional add some filters and effects to make those images extra special. But why not go a little crazy and get a bit of influence from our Eastern European neighbours over in Russia!

We’ve compiled an hilarious collection of Russian Wedding photos for you. You might notice that they like to try and be a little different and inject some of their personality and sense of humour into those images, although it’s not easy to know what the hell is going on! You may want to check out this previous post on Russian dating profiles too!

Nothing Strange Here! Just Your Average Russian Wedding Photo

We Wanted Our Wedding to Go with a Bang

How Sergei and Maria Chuckled When They Thought of This Hilarious French Stick Idea! IDK

I Don’t Even Want to Guess This Crazy Watermelon Symbolism!

Bride’s Dad – “Hey, I’ve Got a Crazy Idea For Your Wedding Photos…”

Wedding Photographer – “Sorry, Mr. Homeless Guy Could You Move For Our Photo?” Homeless Guy – F##k You!”

There’s a Person For Everyone!

Strongman of the Year 2016 Gets Hitched

The Wedding Day is the Happiest Day of the Bride’s Life!

He’s Putting His Wife in Her Place!

That’s a Very ‘Bling’ Dress

The ‘Disney Pixar – Up’ Themed Wedding

The Drunk Prosecco Genie – “I Grant You (Hiccup) Three Wishes.”

Stay Classy

Please Can We Have Our Photos in Drunk Vision Please!

Those Traditions Die-Hard

Awww! The Boy From the Dreamworks Logo Grew Up and Got Married!

Haha (Nervous Laugh), That’s Very Funny! (Runs off scared!)

Like I Said We Don’t Plan To Have Any Kids!

Groom Goes Missing for First Dance, But Don’t Worry I Think the Brides Got This!

I Love Playing My Wife!

Vlad the Window Cleaner Gets Married

When You Can’t Get White Doves to Release At Your Wedding Just Improvise!

Coming to Russian Cinemas This Summer. A Delightful Rom-Com – “Stop That Centaur, She’s My Wife!”

This Gender Reversal Thing is Going too Far!

Maybe She’s Off to Steal Her Man’s Heart!

Couldn’t You Guys Just Wait?

When You Get Your Porn Photographer Friend to Do Your Wedding Photos

That’s Some Crazy Photoshopping!

The Russian Borrowers Finally Get Married!

Anyone Know What’s Going on Here? Anyone?

“I want to Recreate That Famous Elephant Painting. You Know That Famous Elephant Painting, The One Where the Elephant is Holding That watermelon!”

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