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Artist Illustrates the Evolution of Famous Actors and Their Most Famous Roles Over the Years

These are adorable!

Take a look at these amazing series of illustrations showing the evolution of famous actors and their most famous roles and how they have changed over time.

They are all the creation of LA-based artist Jeff Victor who has previously worked and designed characters for Dreamworks, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros and Nickelodeon.

Jeff says “Currently, I’m working as a children’s book illustrator, but when I’m not drawing for work, I’m drawing for fun. I am a huge movie fanatic and expresses my love for my favorite movies though my art, by drawing “adorkable” renditions of famous characters.”

You can see more of Jeff Victor’s awesome work at: | Facebook

Jim Carrey

Robin Williams

Johnny Depp

Samuel L. Jackson

Robery Downey Jnr.

Liam Neeson

Tom Hardy

Princess Leia

Tim Curry

John Hurt

Angelina Jolie

Bill Murray

Michael Jackson


Charlize Theron

Christopher Lee

Gary Oldman

Harrison Ford


Nicholas Cage

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dracula in Movies

Tom Hanks

Harley Quinn

Written by Riley

Joyenergizer Pop Culture Journalist

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