The Astonishing Carved Pencils of Salavat Fidai

It takes pure dedication to be able to create such detailed pieces…

What you are looking at here are tiny, tiny little sculptures which are all on the end of a pencil!

They were crafted using a X-Acto knife by Russian artist Salavat Fidai. All of them painstakingly hand-carved, which takes pure dedication to be able to create such detailed pieces on such a small workspace.

You can see more of of Salavat’s intricate work how he does it by watching the videos on his website . You can follow him on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


Stradivarius Violin
Empire States Building
Darth Vader
Eiffel Tower
Black Tulip
Don’t Hear. Don’t See. Don’t Speak
Statue of Liberty
The Sign of the Horns
The UFO Robot Grendizer
Big Ben

The Voice

Written by Jake

Nando's Ambassador and resident blogger for Opinion Machine & Digital Art Mix


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