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Awesome 80s Cartoons in Art

If you’re an 80s kid like myself then this post may get you feeling all nostalgic!

If you’re an 80s kid like myself then this post may get you feeling all nostalgic!

Back in the old days you had to wait until Saturday mornings or once a week at 4pm on a weekday to get a fix of your favourite cartoon. You didn’t have the luxury of streaming or downloading whenever you felt like watching it back then!

I remember classic animated shows such as Transformers, He-Man and Thundercats, which where usually tied into some toy and merchandising range. I suppose that while the shows where only a limited time you could fill the void and make your own adventures with your toy Skeletor and Optimus Prime action figures.

A lot of the best cartoons have made a comeback over the decades and some have never gone away, but just evolved such as Transformers, Turtles and My Little Pony. Some even managed to make it onto the big screen with live-action motion pictures too!

80s cartoons had such a feel about them, they were great and most of the modern-day animated shows just can’t compete with their awesomeness. Check out our previous post The 10 Best Cartoons of the 80s to see what I mean!

Have a browse through this gallery and maybe it will take you back to your childhood…

My Fav Cartoon in the 80s – suppa-rider
he-man and the masters of the universe cover – nebezial
Thundercats my Version – jesonite
G.I.Joe TF poster coloured – NGBoy
Gadget – Doubleleaf
My Little Pony: Freindship is Magic – AndreaTamme
Combiner Wars – Filippo Angelotti
Thunder Power Rumble – Laemeur
M.A.S.K. issue two cover color – Joe Suiter
Jem and the Holograms – LaurenMontgomery
The Real Ghostbusters – Albert217
80s Spread – Eleyre
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – TPollockJR
Tyranny of Dragons – Weihan Lee
Care Bears – Mofuwa
G.I Joe pinup – BlondTheColorist
ROBOTECH: RPG Tactics – chesterocampo
Thundercats 2 – daikikun75
Moomin? – deerfox-art
Bert Raccoon – Themrock
She-Ra – nebezial
Jayce y los Guerreros Rodantes – Albert217
I’m the Munk for the Job – KicsterAsh
Visionaries “Knights of the Magical light” – Homage to the 80’s | Concept Art – Nuno Nobre
Soundwave et all – Roger Adams
statikissyfur thank you onzeno – Onzeno
Dogtanian and the three Muskehounds – Javier Burgos
Thundercats – Mumm-Ra – Robert Atkins
Masters of the Universe Battle scene – NGBoy




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