Awful, Just Awful Photoshop Disasters

This is what happens when Photoshop falls into the wrong hands.

This is what happens when Photoshop falls into the wrong hands.

Photoshop is an awesome piece of software. It can create truly amazing masterpieces, but it can churn out some of the most ridiculous images you can ever imagine.

From huge model legs to missing body parts and skeewitffed arms to Van-Damme’s tiny legs this collection is just awful. Stop getting Photoshop wrong!

That’s a huge head!

Who needs a belly button?

What the…?

Shark Bite Survivor?

Hey there Mrs. Owl Neck!

Kristen where has your arm gone?

Priyanka has the smoothest armpits in the world!

Suki was very happy with her plastic Barbie legs

Oh dear God!

Never mind those noodle legs what the hell is that coming out of the tent?

That’s some mental camel toe!


Winner of the Longest Legs in the World Contest

How about Ally Brookes two right feet?

Gwyneth sure got into shape quick

Mannequin Crotch

You will wear those damn Santa hats!

Packaging shortcuts!

Runner up in the Longest Legs Contest

Model gets handy

Legs to be proud of!

Jean-Claude Van ‘Damn!’

Written by Mila

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